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    Petr Nowak

    Sun light reflected (from other building) to building in shadow and created very interesting feeling. PP pushed to low-key side a lot.

    Color version in next post…

    Any CC ?

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    Petr Nowak

    Color version…

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    Richard Barnard

    I much prefer the simplicity of your colour version. Beautiful light and shadow and I like the monochrome of brown and the mood this creates. The traffic lights don’t bother me too much as they give a sense of place and work well enough with the shadows given they are edge of frame and also black. I wish that grey lamp post wasn’t there though as it disrupts the colour palette  and interrupts the flow of the abstract window patterns.

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    Put simply its a nice shot and well spotted opportunity screwed up completely by that grey post. Would different shooting angle have eliminated it?

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    Petr: two thoughts, 1 – i like the b&w as is the pole fits in, no problem, 2 – as much of a fan of b&w that i am i really like the original in color and agree the pole needs to go.  for some reason i really like the lamp post reflection in the window.

    sans pole

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    Graham Hart

    Well I just spent 20 minutes editing out the lampost only to find Dorothy had already done the job for me and a better one at that. I agree that the colour is the better version and the pole had to go. I also roughly added some spot colour just to give it a focal point.

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      Graham: looks like there are two of us that can’t leave a challenge alone 🙂  and that is exactly what that pole was.  the color is okay but personal opinion i think it takes away from the overall impression of light and dark.  (wow, that sounded know it all-y) btw can’t see my work as any better than yours.  i just used healing tools and the clone tool and had to stop or would still be working on it now.

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    Petr Nowak

    Thanks for feedback. I feel image as a whole so I don’t see details usually. But the pole is really big and it’d be better to take it away. I’ll try to find a different angle.

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    Tom M

    Sorry Graham, don’t like the red you added, it just doesn’t seem to be the right shape or something.. I also like the color version, and the pole definitely had to go…



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    Maureen Photograph

    The red is really distracting, I constructively suggest you get rid of it.  Secondly, maybe the b&w would look good if it were cropped the same as the color version.  The cropped version is great, I love the shadows falling at the bottom, they create a mysterious, even ominous, feeling.  The round object at the bottom looks like a human’s head for a second, thus it’s a point of interest, but not enough to detract from the entire image.  One more thing, the lightest area of the color version is lacking detail, it may be somewhat blown-out.  I suggest trying a mild and/or slightly de-saturating that area.

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    Kent DuFault

    I like these very much Petr. Truly an artistic view of a common scene. In the black and white version, I would eliminate the bright highlights in the forward right corner, as they pull the eyes away from the bulk of the composition and are not really adding anything. In the color version, I find it very satisfying. Even the ‘pole’ plays into my sense of the aesthetic for that shot. If the street light and the round sign were not visible- that would change my mind and make the pole unacceptable. However, with the inclusion of those objects- the photograph becomes more about shape and color versus something more realistic.

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    Petr Nowak

    Thank you Kent. I’m still fascinated how many points of view one image raises. I don’t see many of them. Photography is a “long distance run”.

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