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      Kent DuFault

      This week the Guest Judge for the POTW was Robert Apple.

      Its been a challenging week for most folks being trapped inside, for most a lot of boredom, I don’t know what I would do with my self, In my line of work I an considered an essential service, I repair some equipment for different government agencies as well as essential equipment for farming and ranching, But for others, it has pushed some into some creative photography, which is a good thing.

      My choice for the photo of the week was born of the quarantine, by her own description “here’s what I do when I’m bored”.

      As a general rule, photos of other humans don’t catch my attention all that often, but this was one of two that did, in fact, it was a hard choice between them.

      I’m not going to direct all the technical reasons why either of them works for me, they just do, and sometimes isn’t that enough?

      It’s also not the general rule that a moderator of the site gets chosen for this honor, quite the opposite, but damn.

      My choice for photo of the week is Jasenka’s beautifully executed self-portrait “here’s what I do when I’m bored” and when she’s not keeping this forum up and running.

      And, I am compelled to mention its competitor that caused me a great deal of stress choosing between them. From the man who usually judges this honor. From our own Kent DuFault. ” Window Light ” (We will post a link to this photo below.)

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      Kent DuFault
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      Thanks for POTW, Robert!

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Congratulations Jasenka on POTW. Very creative and love the dramatic mood 🙂

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      John Thompson

      Congrats Jasenka!  Lovely photo of a lovely woman.

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      Federico Alegria

      @jasenkag Congrats mate!

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      Dave Watkins

      Great choice Robert. Beautiful self portrait Jasenka. Congratulations on POTW.

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      John Teate

      Congrats Jasenka on POTW, a wonderful image born of boredom 🙂

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      Great image Jasenka!  I really like the mood it portrays!

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      Lenny Wollitz

      very nice, congratsf!

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      Two superb portraits of beautiful ladies, how could you choose otherwise Robert ? Not that there was a reason to.

      Congrats Jasenka on well deserved POTW. Kent, the portrait of your wife is a classic, a pleasure to see every time you post it.

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      Many Thanks Robert well chosen winners mate , cheers 😉

      Congratulations on POTW Jasenka very lovely photo you created 😉

      Super work Kent another lovely photo congratulations 😉

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      Rob Eyers

      Both great choices Robert. Somehow I missed them both so good to see them here.

      Jasenka the way you placed the shadow over your eye is a lovely touch. Congratulations on POTW.

      Kent this is a wonderful image of  your wife.

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      Congrats on POTW Jasenka, beautiful self-portrait!
      And a beautiful portrait of your wife, Kent!
      Both great choices Robert.

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      Congratulations Jasenka on POTW and Kent for your beautiful portrait of your wife, both lovely photos.

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      chris pook

      Great photographs both, a difficult choice indeed.  Good work in the execution and the selection though.  🙂

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      Erik Fransman

      Congratulations Jasenka. Your image is definitely worth POTW.
      Kent, I love your image if your wife too. Also congratulations.

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      Kent DuFault

      Hey, Robert! Thanks for the mention!

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      Janeska and Kent – 2 great choices Robert. Both portraits caught my attention when I saw them in the weekend forum.

      Congrats to both of you!

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      Graham Hart

      Fabulous pic and well deserved winner of POTW. Great choice Robert. I can see how it must have been a difficult choice Robert because both images make wonderful use of light and shade to frame the alluring charm of two lovely ladies.

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      Joe Jenkins

      Nice one!

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      Congrats, Jasenka, something different and a refreshing departure from the norm!

      Also, well done, Kent, a unique take!

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      Great images both of you. Congrats on POTW Jasenka!

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      Sanjeev Nanda

      Couldn’t help but smile! really loving the composition and blocking on this one. Truly deserving of a winning title.

      ~Sanjeev Nanda

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        Kent DuFault

        I’m curious. What is blocking?

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          Sanjeev Nanda

          One could even call it an awareness of “Silhouettes” within a shot.  It comes from film-making, but has it’s uses in comic books, paintings, and even photography.

          I have come to admire the dramatization in silhouettes a great deal recently. They subliminally help one in grasping the eye’s full attention, without the viewer even being aware they’re being ‘reeled in’ (sorry for the pun right there)

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      Petr Nowak

      Congratulations Jasenka on POTW !

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