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    Kent DuFault

    There was just a lot of really good photography uploaded this last week, especially in the weekend challenges.

    Two photographers, in particular really caught my eye. They were Frogdaily and P71.

    As you can see, I have chosen Frogdaily’s magnificent image titled “WaterDrops” for the POTW.

    There is something about this shot that is really special. Sure, it is a technical achievement. But, it also has some… hard to describe… special quality.

    Here is what I wrote under the posted picture, and I really think it quantifies my feelings about the photograph.

    “This looks unearthly. It could be anything from a microscopic biological organism all the way to an interstellar galaxy. Great shot!”

    It truly is a winning photograph in my perspective. Congratulations Frogdaily (a.k.a. Belinda.)

    Now let’s talk about Pat. Man! He was on fire this last week. There were two images that he uploaded that were technically well done and also crossed the line into artistic achievement.

    I’ll post links to these two pictures below.

    Also, if you haven’t done so already- check out the Weekend Photography Challenge #449 Abstract. You’ll be blown away by the fantastic photography!

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    Kent DuFault
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    Thanks Kent , Tersha , David ,Robert .. for each weeks topics .. love it folks

    Congratulations Frogdaily , i loved your beautiful work instantly and a very well deserved POTW with it .. an absolute cracker piece to share with us all 😉 thank you.

    You have me blushing Kent .. my face is on fire too lol … thanks very much for such lovely comments , they help keep my drive to improve my understanding of this wonderful craft.


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    Dave Watkins

    Kudos Belinda for the technical ability to make such a beautiful image. And beyond that for me it’s just a pleasure to look at. Reminded me of something, maybe a tree or an umbrella, I might see in a Dr. Seuss book.  🙂

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    John Thompson

    Congrats Mrs. Frog!  Great capture.  I agree with Dave that it is something you might see in Dr. Seuss.  Plus it has a sort of IR quality to it.  Kudos to you, Patrick, as well.

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    Rob Eyers

    It’s not that long ago you were asking David about water drop photography Belinda. This image really is stunning. Your choice of lighting and fluid have artfully created a real winner! Congrats to you.

    Nice to see you getting recognition too Pat. Pretty cool for your first outing with a new technique.

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Wow! Congratulations Belinda on POTW 🙂

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    Lovely shot Frogs, well done!

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    Lovely shot Frog, and well-deserved POTW!
    Patrick, congrats on the mention, both good shots!

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    Erik Fransman

    Belina and Pat, congratulations. Great images.

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    Stunning shot, Frog.

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    Ok Wow! It was such a pleasant surprise to see my WaterDrop photo as POTW! Thank you so much Kent, you made my day!

    Thank you Everyone for your kind words it means so much to me!

    P71 – love your images – congratulations

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    Super work Frogdaily and thank you .. and all for the lovely comments 😉

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    Graham Hart

    Congratulations Belinda on a truly outstanding POTW. I get an oriental vibe from it…perhaps fom the chinese hat shape and the gentle curve of a very slim Geisha.

    Pictures like this are like gifts to those of us who have yet to delve into the craftsmanship involved in creating such wonderful images. Thank you for the joy of it.

    PS: for some reason I always thought Frogdaily was a male moniker?

    Congrats Patrick too. Great creativity in your images mate!

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      Thanking you mate , much appreciated.

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    Super images both of you! Pat – you are making me want to get the steel wool out! Fantastic image. And Belinda – the water drop image is just gorgeous. “Otherworldly” is a great way to describe it.

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      Thank you very much Leanne , LS and the community as a whole i need to thank for all the feedback , tips , and banter without you all i would still be thinking about what camera to buy 😉

      Thanks everyone for all the kind comments for both Frogdaily and myself.

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    Thank you so much everyone for your kind words … definitely has made my day

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    Jasenka G

    Absolutely stunning! Well-deserved POTW 🙂

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    Thank you all for your kind comments!

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