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    Kent DuFault

    “Tis the Season”

    Some weeks, there are so many great pictures uploaded here on Light Stalking that it becomes almost impossible to make a decision.

    It’s at these times that I typically look to other criteria than simply how masterfully a photograph was created.

    One of the criteria that I often use, at these moments, is to look for somebody new. Someone who hasn’t won the POTW (to my knowledge), or who hasn’t won it often or recently.

    I narrowed my selection this week down to four images. Three of the photographers fell into the category that I just mentioned.

    However, I was still having a tough time narrowing it down to a single shot.

    It was at this point that I thought… “We are in the Holiday Season, I’ll choose a photograph that reflects that (quite literally).

    I found Dave’s photograph of the antique glass Christmas Tree quite intriguing. The subject isn’t particularly new or amazing, but his treatment of it is quite wonderful.

    Dave’s photograph has beautiful bokeh, and it makes an exquisite use of color. Both of these elements really do nurture up feelings of warmth and nostalgia about the coming holidays.

    Congratulations to Dave Watkins on his win for the POTW.

    The runner ups were in no particular order…

    ndjetfan for his very unique image of an abandoned railroad car covered in frost.

    Gabriel de la Rosa for his very interesting character study of multiple faces in Mexico City.

    Erik Fransmen for his anatomical study of a cat’s feet and legs.

    I’ll post links to these three below.

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    Kent DuFault
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    Good choice Kent – a beautiful & unique shot in line with the season we’re in! Congrat’s Dave – and the same to the other mentions!

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    John Thompson

    Yes good choice Kent.  ‘Tis the season.  Kudos to you Dave and kudos to ndjetfan, Gabriel and Erik.

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    Anne Hornsby

    Congrats to everyone!    I hadn’t seen Dave’s photo, but had had noticed and really enjoyed the other three.     Beautiful reflections and bokeh, Dave!

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    Dave Watkins

    Thank you for the honor Kent. In the short time I’ve participated here at Light Stalking the articles I’ve read and the images I’ve seen from other members have been inspiring. Thank you all.

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    Robert Apple

    Congrats Dave

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    Rob Eyers

    All good picks Kent. Congratulations Dave!

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    Tom M

    Very nice,Dave. I missed this one- but I’m definitely in the Christmas spirit now…


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    Beautiful image Dave, congrats on POTW!
    And great shots all the other mentions!

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    Dave Watkins

    Thanks Robert, Rob, Tom and Tersha. 🙂

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    Graham Hart

    Congratulations Dave! Great pic and a very apt subject matter (not to mention classy!). Well done all runners-up too, all great shots.

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      Dave Watkins

      Thanks for the comment Graham. 🙂

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    Erik Fransman

    Thank you Kent for the mention (oh cats are so irresistible), congratulations fellow runners-up and especially congrats Dave. Christmas came early.

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      Dave Watkins

      Thank you Erik. I’d also like to give a shout out to Erik, Gabriel. and ndjetfan. High fives all around. 🙂

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    excellent photo!  congrats dave!

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Congratulations on POTW Dave 🙂

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    Federico Alegria

    Congratulations @davewatkins !!!

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    Dave Watkins

    Many thanks to Dahlia and Federico. 🙂

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    Very nice, Dave! Glass can be tricky to capture well. You really did this lovely tree justice.

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      Dave Watkins

      Thanks for the kind words Leanne. 🙂

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    What a great shot Dave and I will take runner up or 2nd and 3rd runner up to any of these great shots. It is just fun to be out in the cold snapping pictures for all to enjoy. Thanks again LS for all you do for the Arts

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    Excellent capture Dave!  I like your attention to detail in your theme and even placed the tree on what looks like wrapping paper. Congratulations!

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      Dave Watkins

      Thank you Preston. And you are correct about the wrapping paper. 🙂

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    Thanks for sharing useful info

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