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      Kent DuFault

      The POTW winner is Robert Apple for his ‘ICY Blue’ semi-abstract image of glass beads.

      When I saw this picture, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Robert used composition and color to create a magnificent piece of artwork.

      We had some very close competition, though. So close, that I’m going to name three runner-up photographs that were created by two different photographers.

      Most of you likely know that I have a particular affinity for abstract and semi-abstract photography. This week was an engaging period for these genres.

      One of my runner-up winners is Patrick, (@P71), for his latest light painting effort. It’s pretty cool, and I imagine that he will create some truly amazing photographs with his new technique down the line. I’ll post a link below.

      My second runner-up is Petr (@petrnowak). He posted two images that caught my eye. One is titled strange fellows, and the other is Japanese misty and rainy mountains. Petr continues to push the limits of photographic art, and I like that.

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      Kent DuFault
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      John Thompson

      Congrats Robert, good eye!

      Kudos for Patrick and Petr.  Well done all!

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      Thank you very much Kent and Tersha 😉

      Congratulations Robert on your super POTW photo i like Kent could not take my eyes of it , really well worked shot mate well deserving POTW.

      Congratulations Petr great job mate.

      Many many thanks for the kind words Kent  and John.

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      Congrats on POTW Robert, beautiful blue bead abstract!
      Patrick and Petr, great work by both of you!

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      John Teate

      Congratulations Robert for the POTW, very beautiful!

      Great job Pat and Petr.

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      Petr Nowak

      Congratulations Robert on POTW.

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      Robert Apple

      Thanks Kent and to all those who have commented, this photo was born out of a cold winters day boredom, my wifes crafting supplies and a high power flash light, the beads are sitting on the lens.
      Congrats to the runners up as well, all great photos.

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      Congratulations Robert on well deserved POTW ! Congrats to Patrick and Petr also, all great images.

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      Very nice pick this week. Nice one, Robert.

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      Congrats on POTW, Robert!

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      Congratulations Robert on POTW … Well deserved I love it!

      Congratulations to Runners-up Pat and Petr also for their interesting images.

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      Bruce Gordon

      Very nice image Robert! Well done , and well deserved recognition!

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      Rob Eyers

      Congratulations to you Robert. I for one would love more detail on just how you shot  this with the beads sitting on the lens.

      I enjoyed your images as well Pat and Petr. Congrats to you both.

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        Robert Apple

        The beads are sitting on the flash light lens, it’s a 1100 lumen tactical flash light, the beads aren’t really that translucent,  just a lot of light.

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          Rob Eyers

          Thanks Robert I get it now.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Congratulations Robert on POTW 🙂

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      Great work, Robert! A lovely abstract. Congrats on POTW!

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      Erik Fransman

      Robert, congratulations on POTW. Runners up, too!

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      chris pook

      Belated congratulations Robert, and runners up.  Well deserved!

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      Robert Apple

      Thanks again everyone.

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