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    Kent DuFault

    There were three images that really caught my attention this week.

    After much debate, I decided that “The girl with the ring in her nose” was really the worthy winner for this award.

    If you go and check out the initial post, you will see how much conversation and debate this photograph created.

    That is always a true sign of great artwork- one that creates a stir.

    I came back to this picture probably 7 or 8 times over the last week. Each time, I took in some additional nuance to the composition. The woman’s direct stare, and the slight expression in the mouth- simply makes me wonder about her. Where was she? What was she doing? What is her life like?

    The ring in the nose is telling to her personality and age. It also makes a fine focal point to a semi-abstract portrait.

    Congratulations to Billyspad for a wonderfully artistic addition to Lightstalking.

    I had two runner-up images.

    The first was uploaded by Jay Ward and is titled, “Millipede”. I’m not much of a participant in insect photography. Jay, however, took this millipede and made it into art, which does interest me. Great job Jay. I’ll post a link below.

    The second runner-up was Chris Pook for his image titled, “Weimaraner Love; a.k.a FOMO FOMO”.
    I personally love great family pictures, and the more candid they are the better, especially if they still exhibit great composition and an interesting story. I think Chris’s shot fills all of those needs. I can almost hear the laughter and feel the weight of the dog pressing in on the moment. It’s a great shot, and one I would cherish if it were me and my family. I’ll post a link below.

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    Kent DuFault
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    Laura Kneedler

    Great choice!  What an awesome photo.

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    John Thompson

    Great choice Kent.  Congrats Billyspad.  Well deserved.

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    Lenny Wollitz


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    Congrats Billyspad on POTW! A mesmerising shot.

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    Tom M

    I thought this was one of Billy’s best so far. Good job. He’s become quite the PS expert…



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      Tom this is merely the sign of a misspent youth coupled with an aversion to doing anything useful in life!

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    Thank you Kent. I am never sure how stuff like this will be received by a group of quite serious photographers. Whilst I would never refer to myself as an artist for sure its closer to art than photography. Anyway I am honored my friend.

    Thank you all who sent congrats here and to those who posted on the original.

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    I really love this and would have missed it otherwise so I am very glad Kent chose it as POTW. Congrats, billyspad!

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    Graham Hart

    Congrats Billyspad. Look forward to more of the same. Must admit, I’m getting an itch to have a go at this artform but it’ll have to wait till I get better with layers, blending and all that stuff.

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    I loved this when I first saw it and am keen (though not too confident) of trying to something similar.  Now this has happened, it seems natural that it be the POTW.  Hearty Congratulations, billyspad!

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    Robert Apple

    Congrats Billyspad. There truly is something quite engaging about this piece.

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Congratulations on POTW Billyspad 🙂

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    Great choice indeed! Congrats Billyspad 🙂

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    Rob Eyers


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    chris pook

    Very good, great choice, really enjoyed that.  As Kent said, you could spend a lot of time discovering new facets of this work, thanks for sharing.  🙂

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