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      Kent DuFault

      This week our Guest Judge for the POTW was Mistyisle a.k.a. Jim. Here is what he had to say… (Jim’s selection was slightly outside the upload period for judging. But as he went to the effort- we are going to allow his selection for this POTW.)

      To me clearly the most outstanding photo of the week was Larry Kreger’s impressionist study – uploaded into the WeekendPhotography Challenge #471 Red – Reply #429892. The fact of there being a number of reds with the umbrella as a starting point, leading the eye through the pic is great. It could very easily hang on a wall. The blur is marvelous.

      Also, “Pokey Thingies”, by Robert Apple, has great balance and impact. If they are the plant that I think they are, then they only blossom for about a week, if that, and not every year. (We will post a link to “Pokie Thingies” below.

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      Kent DuFault

      “Pokey Thingies” by Robert Apple

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      Thanks a lot Kent and many thanks Mistyisle for your time going over everyone’s work very appreciated mate.

      Congratulations on POTW Larry  , well worked photo mate 🙂

      Great job and well done Robert , i enjoyed this photo.


      Well done each and all lots of great takes on the theme.


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      Rob Eyers

      Congratulations Larry. This one stood out to me as well. An interesting and creative approach to the PP.

      Congrats to you too Robert.

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      Pat Garrett

      Congrat’s Larry on POTW; really like the effect you achieved. And well done to you also, Robert.

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      Federico Alegria

      I’m totally on you with this one mate!!!

      Intentional blurring is quite hard to achieve in a pleasing way, and this is perhaps one of the best examples I’ve seen in my life! Especially because that “impressionist” vibe is one of the high aims when doing intentional blur, and this is simply a contemporary impressionist piece of of work. Thanks for sharing this!

      Congrats @ljkreger

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      Really good choices Jim!
      Congrats Larry on POTW, brilliant shot!
      And Robert, I loved ‘Pokey Things’ when I first saw it!

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      Robert Apple

      Nice choice Jim
      Congrats to Larry on POTW on a unique and engaging shot.
      And thanks for he mention on ‘Pokey Thingies’ , and you are right Jim on the blossoms, this was taken during an off road excursion to the  Salt River in Arizona, about 25% of the Giant Yuccas there were blooming and the game ranger we ran into said we were lucky to see this as it had been 5 years since the last time they bloomed.

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      Congrats on POTW, Larry! This image was definitely my favorite from the last week.

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      Petr Nowak

      Congrats Larry on POTW. Marvelous image. Impressionistic loook with red color spots is amazing.

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      John Teate

      Excellent choice for POTW, congrats Larry!

      Nicely done Robert with pokey things.

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      Dave Watkins

      Two fine choices Mistyisle.

      Congratulations Larry. A beautiful work of art. Very creative.

      And a thumbs up for Robert and his Pokie Thingies as well.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Looks like a painting. Congratulations Larry on POTW 🙂

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      Graham Hart

      Love this pic – great choice. The blur enhances the inclement weather and does indeed give this a painterly feel. Congrats Larry on POTW.

      Your Yukka shot is so busy with texture and tone Robert. We have a different type of Yukka in our front yard but the flowers look remarkably similar and also only appear infrequently for a short period of time. Another great choice.

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      Hard one to beat. Well done.

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      Great choice! Congrats on POTW Larry. And great image, Robert.

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      Tom M

      Agree, definitely liked the impressionist feel to this one. A rather unusual photo, one we don’t see very often here, with everyone striving for the sharpest photos possible…


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