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    Kent DuFault

    This week the POTW has two very interesting details.

    #1 – I’m giving to a new photographer that has never won it before (at least to my knowledge).

    #2 – It is a mobile camera phone photograph that was uploaded into the Mobile Monday Challenge.

    Yes, mobile phone pictures can be top notch!

    This shot by Dalene Rowley @dalener is a calendar worthy winter landscape photograph.

    The composition is textbook, and her attention to detail, that includes the wonderful reflection, is quite exquisite.

    Having shot this type of work myself, I’m impressed with the exposure and processing, as this is a very difficult subject to capture in those respects.

    Congratulations to Dalene on her win this week!

    Now… I must reach out to David Chesterfield.

    David uploaded some amazing shots of his light painting technique that adds an additional element: splashing water. This is a phenomenal idea, and his results are quite stunning.

    Why didn’t he win the POTW?

    First of all, his lighting painting shots are so amazing, that he would win every time he uploaded one, and we must give others a chance!

    Secondly, I believe this was his first attempt at this technique… or at least his first time to upload some examples here. I have a feeling that even BETTER photos of this cool technique will be forthcoming! I’ll be waiting with baited breath. I will post a link to his images below.

    Secondly, I was quite touched by Laura Kneedler’s street portrait of an elderly man (the color version). However, a street portrait won last week, and I do try to mix it up. Any other week, it may have won, and it deserves some attention. I’ll post a link to that photo below as well.

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    Kent DuFault
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    John Thompson

    Congrats Dahlene!  Very beautiful winter scene.

    As I stated in my comment on your posts, you truly amaze with you images.  Well done David.

    Although I like the b&w version better, Laura you portrait is fantastic.  Congrats.

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    Robert Apple

    Congrats Dahlene

    Nice Landscape, well deserved.

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    congrats Dalene!  beautiful work.

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    Tom M

    I missed this one. I don’t look in Mobile challenges often. It is really amazing for mobile phone…


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    Congrats Dalene, beautiful landscape!

    David, your ‘Splash’ shots are amazing!

    Cool portrait Laura!

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    Great image Darlene, and great choice Kent! I missed this one in the forums somehow.

    Laura – your street portrait is fantastic!

    Thank you also for the comments on my Splash images. You are right Kent this was a very first attempt – but won’t be the last. Will have some new prototype tools ready to try out this coming weekend!

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    Graham Hart

    Congratulations Dalene (Dahlene?). I loved this simple yet elegant capture of a wonderfully beautiful vista that immediately said to me “Wish I was there”. Well  deserved POTW.

    David, can’t wait for more liquid luminescence. Fantastic pics.

    Laura, fabulous portrait. A benchmark I hope to get near one day.

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    Rob Eyers

    Congrats Dalene. Your image is quite striking and beautiful.

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    Congratulations Dalene on POTW – Beautiful Photo – love the lighting.

    David – wow … love the lighting painting water shots – look forward to seeing more of them

    love your Street Portrait also Laura

    i missed the original posts so thank you Kent for sharing them all!


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    Dave Watkins

    Great shot Dalene! Beautiful light. The way the foreground matches the sky is amazing. Matching color palette throughout the image makes it a joy to look at.

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    Beautiful photograph! Congrats on POTW, Dalene.

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