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      Kent DuFault

      Light stalking has a significant number of fantastic bird photos that are uploaded almost every week. It’s often hard to isolate one as being the best example.

      This shot by Dave Watkins @pentaxfan struck me as a standout nature photograph.

      The lighting is perfect. (No flash used.)

      His focus placement is exacting. The depth of field is just enough to keep the head and wing sharp while letting the rest of the photograph slowly dissipate into beautiful bokeh highlights.

      The color balance is bright and vibrant without getting oversaturated.

      Dave’s camera position creates an excellent contrasting background to the bird’s outlined body.

      The darker branches create a beautiful frame.

      Finally, the delicate moss on the perched branch adds a beautiful feature.

      A POTW effort. Congratulations, Dave!

      I did two serious contenders, which I will post below.

      The first was David Chesterfield for his compelling and masterful images of fluid movement.

      The second was Graham Hart for his nature macro shot titled, “Aralia in The Shadows.” On any other week, this image probably would have won. Graham did everything right in this picture, and it is quite captivating.

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      Kent DuFault
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      Rob Wood (Admin)

      Gorgeous one @pentaxfan

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      Dave Watkins

      Thank you Kent. So many amazing images are posted on Light Stalking every week I’m honored to have one of mine chosen as POTW. Your critique is flattering and very much appreciated. No flash used but took a bit of work in post to get the shot to where it is.

      Congratulations to David and Graham!

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      Federico Alegria

      Congrats Dave, nice birdie! Very well deserved.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Loving your recent bird and moss images. Lovely colours and beautiful birds. Congratulations on POTW πŸ™‚

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      Thanking you Kent , fab choices πŸ˜‰

      Excellent POTW Dave Congratulations , your eye with the camera and your PP decisions are brilliant well chuffed for you mate.

      Same goes for the work David and Graham posted , clean tidy and eye catching stuff guys well deserved , thanks for sharing πŸ˜‰

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      John Thompson

      Congrats Dave!!

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      Nice one, Dave!Β  Can you explain how you used the flash?Β  Was it angled and off camera? Low powered?Β  I would not have even noticed it, if Ken had not mentioned it.Β  Β Is this a set up you have near-by with feeders, etc.? (Is that a purple finch?)

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      Dave Watkins

      Thanks everyone. Much appreciated.

      No flash used Frank. You’re correct. It is a Purple Finch. He’s about 5 feet from one of our feeders. Waiting his turn. πŸ™‚

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      Joanne Van Praag

      Stunning image, congratulations

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      Congrats o POTW Dave, definitely a winning photo!
      Great contenders David and Graham!

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      Petr Nowak

      Amazing shot!!! Congratulations Dave.

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      Rob Eyers

      Congrats Dave!

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      Dave Watkins

      Thank you for the comments Joanne, Diane, Petr and Rob. πŸ™‚

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      Jasenka G

      Congrats on POTW, Dave! Your shot and this bird are equally gorgeous.

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      Charmaine Joubert

      Well done Dave on your POTW. The lighting on the bird has been so well handled, it brings out all the textures in the feathers and the bird is such a beautiful colour.

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        Dave Watkins

        Thank you Charmaine. πŸ™‚ I appreciate your comment.

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      Bruce Gordon

      Congrats Dave! A beautiful image and a well deserved honor!

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      Dave Watkins

      I appreciate that Bruce. Thank you. πŸ™‚

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      Lovely shot Dave, congrats on well deserved POTW

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      Well done Dave – and well analyzed Kent! I can’t help but agree with all you’ve said! Worthy of POTW for sure!

      Well done to Graham & David too!


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      Graham Hart

      Late to the party again. Congrats Dave on POTW. A fantastic shot with gorgeous soft colours on a muted background. Just excellent.

      Amazing image(s) from David too. Thanks also Kent for the reference to the Aralia pic.

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      Dave Watkins

      Thanks Tobie! Thanks Graham!Β  πŸ™‚

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