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      Kent DuFault

      You’all are submitting too many fantastic pictures. I can’t pick. No POTW this week!


      (Just kidding! I have to pick one) Seriously though, I can’t even do a runner-up list there are just to many amazing shots this week.

      The POTW goes to Elin for her detailed character study and perfectly executed photograph titled, “Grunge”.

      Would one doubt it, if they were told that this photograph were taken by the most recognized staff photographer over at National Geographic Magazine?


      It’s that good.

      It’s a special shot and most certainly worth of praise here and anywhere else she would like to display it. (Hint. Hint. Award winner Elin!)

      I’m sorry to all of the others who uploaded amazing work this past week (specifically but not limited to: Rob Eyers, Chris Pook, Graham Hart, Tom, and Diane (aka Tersha).

      It was very tight coming to this decision.

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      • This topic was modified 3 months, 3 weeks ago by Kent DuFault.
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      Many thanks for your work Kent always appreciated.

      Congratulations Elin , well shot and well deserved POTW ..Nice one ;).

      Nice work to all that submitted work .. loads of talented photographers.

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      Robert Apple

      Nice Choice Kent,Congrats Elin, well deserved.
      I think most of the other photos @Kent gave a call out to, as well as his choice, ended up here.
      Members Picks Week of October 21

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      Rob Eyers

      This image is definitely a notch above Elin. Congratulations to you. Well deserved!

      Thanks for the shout out Kent.

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      Lynne Guenther

      Wonderful image,  I hadn’t seen it…it has been hard keeping up lately bc there are so many great photographers here!

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Congratulations on POTW Elin 🙂

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      Congrats on POTW Elin, wonderful image, well deserved!

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      John Thompson

      Many congrats Dr. Elin!

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      Lenny Wollitz

      congrats Elin!

    • #423371

      nice one elin, congrats!

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      Charmaine Joubert

      Congrats Elin.

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      John Teate

      Congrats Elin, wonderful shot and definitely POTW

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      Congrats Elin, this was definitely my favorite image from the last week 🙂

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      Thanks Kent for the choice and your so very heartwarming praise. The question of sending an image like this to a competition is something of a dilemma: It is a very private sphere – the reason why I can take it is because I am a part of the gang. The guys trust that I will not violate their privacy, and even posting it here without their consent is on the verge of betrayal. Thank you for your encouragement – I may consider sending it off to a competition if the guys are in on it. Patric, Robert, Rob, Lynne, Dahlia, Diane, John, Lenny, Beth, Charmaine, John and Jasenka, thank you 🙂

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        Kent DuFault

        Fair enough. Respecting privacy is an awesome thing!

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      Erik Fransman

      Great shot Elin. Congratulations. I am sure the guys in the picture will be in on it to enter it in competitions. It’s a celebration of their work and it breathes a fantastic atmosphere.

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      Graham Hart

      Congratulations Elin on a well deserved POTW award. There’s something about this pic which somehow crosses over from the photography world to the art world. It has a renaissancerly feel to it (I made that word up) and as Erik so perfectly points out, it simply breathes atmosphere. So much so that I can almost breathe and smell the environment myself. Get your pals approval about entering into comps and go for it!

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      Excellent choice among many great images this week. I love this photo and I still think that man on the left is casting a spell! Congrats Elin! Great job.

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      Thanks Erik, Graham and Leanne.
      That Jon appears to be casting a spell is not so far from the truth, Leanne. He is choosing who is to live and who is to die.

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        A weighty responsibility that he obviously takes quite seriously.

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      Gerald Murphy

      Congratulations, Elin.

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      chris pook

      Congratulations Elin, very good shot, very ‘In the Moment’.  I know what you mean about privacy.  I’d hope they would be supportive of you, if you asked.  Well done once again, a worthy winner!

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      Bruce Gordon

      Great image, Elin! Well deserved recognition!

    • #423725

      Marvellous, Elin, it has great atmosphere and looks like it is the painting of one of the “old masters”.  Congratulations, indeed!

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      Petr Nowak

      Congratulations Elin.

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      David Tod Sigafoos

      Simply beautiful.

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