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      Kent DuFault

      Some weeks, this job is tough.

      After much consideration, I have decided to award the POTW to Beth for her beautiful portrait of an old fishing boat in Iceland.

      When I look at this photograph, I envision a gigantic print, beautifully framed with a thick and heavily weathered wooden frame: hanging in a museum or an art gallery.

      It is an exquisite example of photography as artwork.

      One thing that always grabs my attention when I view photography, (and I view lots of photography – everyday – as it is part of my job), is an image that depicts something that I haven’t seen before, or it depicts a subject that I have seen before- but in a new and fresh way.

      The second category is where Beth’s image falls.

      There is no shortage of old fishing boat photographs out there. But, I cannot recall another one that used camera POV, lensing, and symmetry to create such a gorgeous graphic effect as Beth’s.

      Congratulations to Beth on her outstanding photograph.

      I did have two runner-ups.

      “Saturday misty morning” by Petr Nowak and “Kip” by Rob Wood. I’ll post links below. If you haven’t seen these two photographs- definitely take a moment to go look at them.

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      Kent DuFault
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      John Thompson

      Beth this is one of those photos that I tell myself “I wish I had taken that!”.  Congrats @loki so very well done.

      Petr I loved your image posted in the ST.

      Rob your image of “Kip” is one of your best.

      Well done ALL!

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Congratulations Beth on POTW 🙂

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      Robert Apple

      Congrats Beth, Well Deserved.

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      Rob Eyers

      Congratulations Beth! Nods to you Petr and Rob!

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      Congratulations Beth on a very lovely and well deserved POTW 😉

      Well done Petr and Rob ace looking photos guys.

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      Congrats on POTW Beth! I missed this before, and so pleased to see it now.
      Beautiful Misty morning Petr!
      Lovely smiley portrait of Kip, Rob!

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      Erik Fransman

      Beth, this is just a WOW shot. WOW!

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      Petr Nowak

      Congratulations Beth on POTW. Great shot.

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      thanks everyone.

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      Tom M

      I too love the pp on this. I would live to know how you accomplished this…


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        thanks, but i didn’t do much to this.  i got really lucky with some nice soft side lighting.  the background is the mountain across the fjord.  the dirt is really a blackish purple there with some green moss.

        in lightroom i leveled it off of the concrete at the bottom, increased the contrast a bit, opened up the shadows at the bottom and added some clarity to help the texture on the boat pop a little.  in photoshop i removed a streetlight head in the upper left, resized and sharpened for the web.

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      Congrats Beth! This really deserves POTW.

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      👍👍 Love that!

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      Bruce Gordon

      That is a mind blowing photograph Beth! Really awesome, and well deserved honor! Well done!

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      Graham Hart

      Fantastic shot Beth and what a backdrop! Like Kent said, the unique POV really makes this shot not to mention the seafaring stories embedded in the hulking hull. I know it’s a regular fishing vessel but why do I keep looking for the viking hoard? Congrats on a well deserved POTW.


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      Lynne Guenther

      Beth this is spectacular!!! The muted gray blues are so thoughtful and mood enhancing.  At first,  I thought there was a giant vintage map behind the ship! Excellent editing choices!!!!

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      Congratulations Beth on a well deserved POTW! I had missed this one and am so happy to see it here

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      Yep. that’s a good one.


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      Lenny Wollitz

      Congrats to all.  Very nice Beth!

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