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      Philip Watts

      Currently I am very much into compositing and ways to incorporate this into portraits to try and get a more striking and interesting image.

      This is a very simple one of my Granddaughter where I have simply added the wings.

      It was a simple composite but good for practise and I think works well.

      Puzzled Fairy

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      The wings work well Philip, I imagine your Granddaughter would love them!
      It’s the Shrk Tank, so …. the portrait looks a bit soft overall, but maybe that’s your intention?

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      Petr Nowak

      I miss a bottom and left part. I’d left more space for legs etc…

      The background is a stone wall. I’d use something more suitable like forest to keep the theme.

      As Tersha said the portrait looks a little bit soft.

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      I agree with Petr, a bit more space for legs would improve the composition.

      Other than that, those wings work great and I assume the overall softness was intentional.

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      Philip I just love the look,full marks man………………….but the detail.jeez overblown highlights and no detail in the shadows,crap background

      hey still loving your lass man! 🙂

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