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      Hey, after trekking a trail over a high mountain, I managed to snap this picture of the community below. Looking for ideas on how to tweak and improve the image. Thanks for your help in advance!Quiet Cove

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      It would be good to come back to this place at a better time of day – golden hour. Possibly even night time for a milky way shot if it’s positioned where you would want it.

      With that said this image as it is, I brought up the yellow saturation on the town section and upped the whites for the buildings. Brought down the blue luminance. Brought the whites up all over, the blacks down. Cropped out some of the foreground cos I thought it was a but too dominant. Notice how the town is the thing that draws the eye now rather than the hill in front.




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      Hmm probably overcooked those yellows a bit, but you get the idea.

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      Hi Mark, I agree with Rob’s suggestion to crop the foreground a bit.

      I wouldn’t alter the saturation but I would lift the shadows a bit to make the details (such as those houses) more prominent.

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      Federico Alegria

      This looks like a great place for experimenting plenty things, from long exposures for nice and silky clouds to precise astrophotography.

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      Robert Apple

      Hey Mark, I agree with Rob on the crop but would take it even farther to place the bulk of the peninsula in the middle third of the photo and a tad off the right to put the line of hills in the center of the right third of the photo, the town really doesn’t have much hope of being the focus of this photo as you have 3 strong leading lines in this photo taking you away from it, in the s curve of the shore line, the peninsula its self,  and the four hills lining up in a row, the horizon strengthens this where all lines converge on the farthest hill. The dark foreground is a distraction and lifting the shadows in that area only helps remove that. I would adjust clarity on the hills in the water only, since the eye is drawn there already, richen up the blue water a bit and desaturate the green a bit. The town becomes a secondary feature at that point after the hills initially draw you into the composition.

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      Haha, honestly saw the lines leading “to” rather than “away” lol

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      The others have given the suggestions, Mark, and landscape is not my thing – not that I don’t admire, however have not had enough passion to try to be as good as the many others out there.

      My query is – where was this taken?  It could very easily be a scene in New Zealand, so keen to know.

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