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      p.s. I have got to get some better backdrops.

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      Graham Hart

      You have a handle on some real cutting edge photography there 🙂

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        Thank you Graham. Just trying to steak out a niche. 😉

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      Robert Apple

      Guess your mother didn’t teach you not to play with your food.

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        Oh, But Robert, she did grill me in ethics. 😉

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      Rob Eyers

      Oh it’s good you stuck “a round” Craig.

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        Thanks Rob. Just taking a stab at it. 😉

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      Is that a ribeye? Looks delicious!

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        Thank you JasenkaG. It is a “T” Bone. And it was. That’s the problem with this type of imagery. Always end up eating the props, with a baked potato, lots of butter and sour cream, and a glass of beer. Cholesterol be damned. 😉  burp, excuse me….

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Craig, your shot has me drooling!

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        😉 Thank you Lenny

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      Tom M

      You cut me up Craig 🙂


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        Thank you Tom 😉 Just poking fun

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      I like the concept here Craig.  I often find myself snapping photos in the kitchen.  For some reason food seems inspirational.

      I took a stab at a quick edit with some things I think will help.  Firstly I straightened it to make the cutting board level across the back since it’s a prominent line in the picture. I feel it draws focus more to the meat/knife rather than leading the eyes out of the frame.  On the downside, it lost some  of the greens in the lower right with the crop.  Maybe try recomposing the shot to level the board if possible.

      Secondly, I did a dodge on the knife blade since it has some fantastic character in the metal and makes the large black area against a white backdrop less noticeable.

      Overall though, your sharpness and contrasts between the meat, knife, and background are pleasing.  I hope this helps!

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        Thank you Preston for your suggestions… I like the idea of dodging the knife blade a bit. I think you did a better job of it, than I. Need to practice that.  Also pulled the crop around to include low/right greens and level/squared cutting board. I’m on the fence with that, still like the diagonal myself. ….. and the bloody background. Have ordered a set of backdrop stands and some seamless paper. These linen and silk things fastened up with clothes pins, crease and fold to much and leave me with hot and dark spots. Should arrive Friday. 😉 .

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          Worked the knife blade over a bit, little better this time.

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            I like what you did to the blade.  To me, it looks more pleasing than the original.

            If you’re partial to the diagonal board, I say keep it.  The only person you have to please is yourself.  The background didn’t really bother me, but then again, I do most my pictures with the things I have laying around the house.  It’ll be interesting to see the difference in quality you get.  Keep up the good work.

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      Federico Alegria


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