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    She got red eyes
    She wear dust
    I went over over over
    I went bust                    Sisters of Mercy




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    eye change

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    Sun sunk down

    and it went shady

    and there she was

    the Dragon Lady

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    You’ve created an interesting atmosphere with this one – there’s a spring vibe thanks to flowers and birds along with some good old goth vibes. This weird combo creates an impression of almost cheerful decay.

    I wouldn’t really change much here, since the idea seems kinda complete. The only thing I would maybe make more subtle are those bubble-like dark circles below the girl’s face. I would just reduce their opacity a bit.


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    Frank do dragons have green eyes? Looks like a zombie my friend. Glad you called by and please feel free to edit and offer ideas on anything I post

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    I like the cheerful decay idea Jasenka. Yep the bubble under the chin needs to be gone.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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    Thanks, Billyspad, just thought I would experiment.  But, not just pick a random color.  Placing the eyedropper tool on the lips produced a red color. Then I  looked for its complementary color using Adobe Color Themes (color wheel).
    Widows > Extensions > Adobe Color Themes (at top of list)

    Click on small icon (looks like a letter with an arrow) the middle choice.  That selects the original color and puts it highlighted in the color bar. Next click on the “color rule” icon on the right (looks like three small circles and lines) the brings up a list of color choices: analogous, monochromatic, triad, complementary…etc….

    Choosing complimentary brings it up into the color bar.  Now you need to get that color to your foreground color. The original color (red of the lips) is presently the foreground color, so switch it to the background color (click X).  Now go back to the three icons that look like a page and arrow, but this time click on the left one.  This should make the complementary color the foreground color which now can be painted into your image using the brush tool.    Play with opacity and flow options to get the look you want, but at least your are using a complementary color….phew

    How might this be useful?   Look at your ID photo.  What would be a complementary color for you blue shorts?  Some hue of orange.  Find it, then paint that red truck with that color.  Or maybe the reverse.  Find the complementary color for the red and paint it on your shorts, probably a green hue.   But, I would rather see a nice bright orange truck!

    BTW There are many beautiful colors in your image and the image looks in sharp focus throughout.

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    Tom M

    You are amazing with this type stuff Billy. I’ve really got  to try this sometime. The only thing I don’t like about this experiment is the eyes. Neither the red or the green makes it for me…


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    Tom anybody that calls me amazing for any reason goes into my bestest friend category! Seriously I am honored by your praise.

    The fact I can do it and turn out the occasional piece people like is the sign of a misspent youth messing around in Photoshop. Have a try sometime Tom my friend cos if I can do it then anyone can. Confidence with layers and blend modes is the key.

    The eyes here are actually made with a brush so can be any color you choose. The models eyes were shut.

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    Frank mate a bit late reading your response. The only good thing about that truck my friend is the fact I no longer own it!

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    Has to be seen ‘larger’ to appreciate!

    I like this one billyspad. Only two minor points/thoughts…

    Possibly introduce some light into RH eye (camera left) to bring it out more and give it a little bit more weight in the image (I realize that it’s in the shadow, but I think a ‘little’ bit of light would help)

    If the eyes are ‘masked’, I would mask out the ‘top of her left eye’ (camera right) as it is overlapping her upper eyelid and when the image is viewed large, one can see that it has been placed on top of her.

    Among other things, I like the work on her dress. When viewed smaller (and even bigger) it can be construed as an inverted and distorted reflection of her (which fits in the overall image).

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    Glad ya like it bucweet and you are right about that eye thing. I will attend to it. Thank you for calling by my man.

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