Reflections over Loch Indall on the Isle of Islay, scotland

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    Taken on the Isle of Islay. Looking for some advice on how to improve it.


    Exdif  1/25, iso 100 shutter 8

    Loch Indall

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    Rob Eyers

    Beautiful surreal colours in this one. I can see that Islay has more than just great Scotch.

    Overall it looks over processed but if that’s the artistic result you’re going for then that’s your choice.

    Some basics for a start would be to level the horizon. Then maybe move the horizon off the center line of the image with a crop. Either lose some beach reflection or some sky. If you keep the beach then a clean up of the detritus on it would be a positive IMHO.

    It’s been said that painters add to their pictures and photographers take away the unnecessary or distracting(or something like that). I’ve always found that helpful.


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    Erik Fransman

    What Rob said.

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    Thanks guys.  


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    Petr Nowak

    As Rob has said: level horizont and move it off center.
    Any additional element would better image (boat, bird, …).

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    For my personal taste, the image is over saturated and looks a bit unnatural/surreal. If this is your style and intent, good…otherwise you should consider to lighten the post-processing.

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