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      Th Straws refraction is Not “Photo-shopped”, there is a seam in the glass that produced the zig-zag. The star, on the other hand, is a fabrication. Single light illumination on the background.

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      Erik Fransman

      Craig, I like the shot and concept. I am not a fan of the star, but since you put it there, iIwould like to see some more sunshine in the shot. Make the straw and the sparkling water sparkle. (Remember Hitchcock adding a small lamp in the glass of poisoned milk in Rebecca to make it stand out more?)

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      I do see some color banding that is not too visible here, but would really jump out if you try to print this image.  Google “correct color banding in PS”  for suggestions.

      Maybe just try a crop

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      BTW  I really like this imaginative image.

      (I remember looking over the bow of a moving boat looking into the clear water ahead and thinking we were about to hit some rocks.  Refraction was making them appear to be quite near the surface when in fact they were quite deep beneath the boat.)

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      Petr Nowak

      This kind of photo is about perfection too (I mean from photography point of view). I’d perfect the surface. It’s not absolutly flat and clear. It’s disctracting.

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      Interesting image, I would keep the original crop, remove the star and make the tablecloth perfect by removing the wrinkles.

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      Federico Alegria

      This is quite interesting, I’ve never seen a triple refraction like this one, thanks for sharing. Oh, and yeah, just get rid of the star :).

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      Thank you everyone for the input. ..Yes, I was wondering if that star was a bit much. @JasenKaG wrinkles in cloth noted, Thanks. .. Frank, banding doesn’t show in original, don’t know why it is here. … Eric, I’m not familiar with the reference to Hitchcock’s Rebecca, But would appreciate suggestions on how to set lighting to make water “Sparkle”. 😉 Also thinking of adding a piece of clear plexiglass over table cloth to help smooth cloth and maybe add a slight reflection under glass.

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