Rolls Royce detail

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    Erik Fransman

    If you have a car like this, you probably have a butler shine the wire wheels.
    This Roll Royce was sold in 1928 to Ms. Rutter in NY.

    As usual, click for bigger.

    Detail of a Rolls Royce 1928

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    These are great! I’m not really into cars, but I can definitely find some beauty in those shiny details.

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Beautiful images Erik. I like the semi abstract feel in the first image 🙂

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    Federico Alegria

    Curious fact, when both Charles Rolls and Henry Royce where alive, the two R’s in Rolls-Royce’s logo (RR) where red. After Charles Rolls died, the logo had a black R and a red R. After Henry Royce passed away, both R’s became black.

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