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      Lenny Wollitz

      I feel it needs a bit of a crop.  One of the windows on the sides?  1/200, f4, iso 200

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      Federico Alegria

      Hi there Lenny, I think that this image does need a crop, here is my suggestion. I really like how the tilted perspective deals with the fact that the houses are horizontal as they go up the climb. About the post-production I think there is a slight over-usage of the clarity, or something with the tones is just too cranked up, it gives an HDRish feeling that distracts me from the beauty of this finding.

      Again, thanks for sharing your talent with us.

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        I agree with your suggestion about cropping, I also think that sky isn’t necessary in this shot.

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      Anne Hornsby

      Lenny,  I like all 4 windows, to feed the feeling of old old homes.  I agree with Federico that the sharpness needs to be dialed back, and doing so fits the subject of the photo in my mind.   Below, I reduced clarity and texture sliders in PS (not sure what program you use).   And I dialed back saturation a bit.    Finally, I did crop slightly from the top, and cloned out some of the plant material over the roofs.  (and my cloning isn’t very good 🙂  )

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      Graham Hart

      This is a great pic Lenny filled with character and texture. The colours are quite muted and so I thought I’d have a look at it in B&W. Also cropped the fourth element out to bring it back to three. Not sure what you think, too dark?

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      Petr Nowak

      Yes, B&W looks good…

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Hi Lenny,

      I like your crop and Federico’s crop. I agree with Federico about slightly decreasing clarity. Beautiful image and wonder what it looked like when people lived there before 🙂

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      Rob Eyers

      Lots of people jumping in so here’s my two pesos worth.

      Forget the rule of threes. All the doors and windows add something. My issue is with the yellow curb. For me it’s too bright compared to the subject which I think is the buildings and windows/doors and their textures. To that end I would de-saturate the curb and get rid of the cyan in the concrete. Adding more colour to the main subjects and decrease the contrast which seems to bring more attention to the details. For what it’s worth, a quick example…

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Thanks for all the suggestions!  It looks overdone because it is.  I was playing with some new software and one thing leads to another…   Graham, I like your BW.  Rob I like your crop and agree about the yellow.  My computer is broken but I will do it over when it’s feeling better.

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      Steve Walker

      I would try a crop off the top 1:2 aspect ratio, making a panorama. That would eliminate the unnecessary sky, reduce the dead and otherwise distracting foilage while preserving the dead vines that belong with the abandoned ruin. It would also enhance the width of the view. Bumping up the vibrance of the building but reducing the yellow might also help here. As with all my Shark Tank comments, these are things I would try to see how they “fit” my taste. Your mileage (and my own experience) might tell me “What were you thinking?”

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      Matthew Brazle

      TBH, I think it’s great without any cropping and I think the colors are fine. The sky is balanced with the asphalt and give two parallel “lines” to frame what’s in between. The 4 “windows” are well balanced in the shot imo. The yellow is a little bright, but I think it is still balanced with the greenery on top (which,based  on your title, was at least one focus point).

      I like it!

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Thanks for the comments.  This is the final edit.  The main thing was not have it look so HDRish and tone down the yellow.

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