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    chris pook

    So, have you all been good boys and girls?  Did Father Christmas bring you what you were looking for?  Do tell!  I was not a particularly good boy this year but Santa must have been looking the other way.  Several times.

    Robert could have built this for a 1/4 of the cost… but i couldn’t.  Delighted so far.  It actually runs Photoshop fast enough to be a pleasure.  And i’m finally able to use  Davincu Resolve for video.  Lucky boy.


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    chris pook

    Y’all must have been naughty!  😉

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    Robert Apple

    I got a quiet Peaceful Christmas Eve spent with my youngest and my wife, a warm fire, a loyal dog at my feet, and a clear Wyoming night.
    I honestly couldn’t have asked for much more.

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      chris pook

      I was home also, which was good, and have had a decent break.  Wife happy, children happy.  As you say, that’s priceless.

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    Rob Eyers

    Only daughter is 9 hours away from us and we were able to visit her for a week. Christmas tree cutting, decorations, snow and time together. Also a Christmas meal with cousins that we haven’t broken bread with for 40 years plus. That’s the stuff that made a great Christmas for me!

    Good to hear you guys had special family time too.

    All the best for 2019 to you both and all the Lightstalkers!!

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      chris pook

      That sounds like you have made the most of the Christmas break Rob, which is great to hear.  Hope you have a great 2019.

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    Nice indeed Chris – couldn’t be without mine!

    I must have been good. New Olympus 40-150 f2.8 PRO lens & matching 1.4tc. Of course, time with my family is always special, and we have had plenty of that!

    Hoping 2019 brings all lightstalkers peace, health & prosperity.

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      chris pook

      That looks really useful!  Look forward to seeing the output David.  Here’s to a great 2019, and I look forward to hearing about your inspirational success and recognition in the light painting world!  Best wishes, Chris.

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    chris pook

    Some late arrivals… reading to take back to work.  Dipped in to the two Journo’ books – think will enjoy reading.  Any great / recommended reads out there?

    to read

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    i got a few extra shifts at work.  we had a major incident friday before christmas that extended my evening shift into a midnight shift.  worked the weekend (my 2 days off that week) for clean up and do a hotwash of the incident, and then worked christmas eve and christmas so that some of our employees could be off.

    we usually don’t bother with gifts since we buy what we want during the year.  instead we’ll take a family trip or get tickets for everyone for some events.  we’re looking at iceland in april or may, but haven’t really decided yet.

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      chris pook

      That’s a busy Christmas and lead in,  and a very giving one too.  You’ve made someone’s world a better place, that’s for sure, thank you.

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    Graham Hart

    Not really Xmas presents but couple of days before xmas my fabulous brother-in-law kindly lent me (probably indefinitely) a couple of lenses. It’s Christmas as far as I’m concerned. Time to find my inner Tobie 🙂

    A Tamron-sp 350mm f5.6 06b 500mm f8 55b mirror lens….and a Sigma 50-500mm 1:4-6.3 APO DG OS HSM.


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      chris pook

      How are they settling in to their new home? 🙂

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