Scottish Highland Dancing (not as you know it!)

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      Well the settings for those ready to attack this masterpiece are f5.6; 1/3rd sec; 100mms;  ISO100.  The sharks will soon be threshing about  ….. but I have full confidence in the more discerning amongst them!

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      Mmmmm I assume these people are at the local Hop as they all seem to have one leg. Or was it a Prosthetic’s R Us organized event?

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      I think motion blur can be a good thing. In the case, in my very humble and unskilled opinion, It’s to much of a good thing.

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      Mistyisle:  well, i think a little sharpness might help.  maybe bring out a face or two.  i have to agree with Craig that there may be a little too much blur.  i think as viewers we need a little something to focus on. it looks like you were trying to show how fast they were all moving.

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      On the positive side, I think this is a brilliant utilization of a long exposure to turn a snapshot of somebody’s kids at dance class into something that at least aspires to evoke a Degas ballerina. Kudos. I humbly disagree that it’s too blurred. I think that’s the whole point and I like the way the blurred dancers contrast with the (almost) sharp lines of the floor.

      On the negative side, the stoop-shouldered old men in the back just aren’t doing it for me, Jim. They contribute to your diagonal, but you could get a compo without them. Go back to dance class, take this idea and run with it. Sweet.

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      Graham Hart

      I like the effect you have created with the blur Mistyisle but I think with tight framing like this, it becomes a little bit of an overload on the senses. I don’t think the effect itself is strong enough to carry the image alone in such a close up view, particularly with the girls expressions blurred out too.

      Which is the long way of simply saying I think the dancing group would benefit from a little breathing space so they are part of a bigger picture rather than the whole picture….a wider shot in other words. Perhaps even a static object off to the side somewhere (person, furniture etc) in sharper focus to balance the image out and provide an anchor to their movement?

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      Some great comments, everyone, I enjoyed reading and appreciated them all.  Here is my updated effort!  🙂  Because the curtain at the back showed as black, I tried a blend mode of screen, which showed that the curtain is a grey-(purple?).  In fact in the end I employed three blend mode layers – all ‘screen’ at 100% to get this effect on the curtains!  Wow.

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      Petr Nowak

      I like intentionally blured photos. However its very hard to get proper result. It needs many trials-errors because the right monet is a matter of luck.

      Here I feel the visual absence of one leg as strange/inappropriate.

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      Lenny Wollitz

      I like it on a big screen but could do without the people in the BG.

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      Philip Watts

      I think it might have benefited from a lower angle if that were possible. Might have made the viewer feel more involved.

      Great to try these things out and worthy of praise for that alone!


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      or this……

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