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      Ed Aldridge

      I took a few hours off Christmas to get out and about to try some land/seascape photography, never been very good at straight landscape photography so most of my images ended up with people in.

      Hope you like them, I think they are quite dark in tone maybe a little too dark..

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      John Thompson

      Great shots Ed. I wish I was closer to the shore but then I would not have this beautiful desert to shoot.

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      They capture a mood, Ed. Well done.

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      Ed Aldridge

      Thanks for the feedback @nikon-nut and @albirder Happy New Year 🙂

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      Great shots, Ed, I like them a lot ….. the darkness in them seems to be your style, which is good! 🙂
      Happy New Year!

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      Ed Aldridge

      Thanks @tersha I guess my style is pretty dark, it is not quite accidental but when I am selecting what I chose to post i am always drawn to the darker images.

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      Erik Fransman

      Hi Ed,
      I like the mood especially the first two.
      Although it is not the ST, I think the first one would gain impact if you crop it.

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      Ed Aldridge

      Thanks @erik-fransman you are completely right, it could use a crop. I think maybe a little bit off the right hand side maybe to the last verticle bit of railing on the right? I forgot with this one there was another person in it when I originally cropped it but I took them out later because I thought it looked better with one person on their own

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      Kent DuFault

      Hi Ed. I really like these, especially the first two.

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      It’s funny – the people who I think tend to “get away with” things like too dark tone are people who realise they are doing it in the first place!

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      I agree. For the most part the dog would not hunt for me. But I really do appreciate it when it is a part of someone’s thought out photography style. There is a street photographer that I follow who also uses dark tones very successfully.

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