Senoritas Bonita, Beautiful Ladies

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Suggestions please.  The crop has to remain 10 X 7 landscape.  1/100, f2.8, 70mm, iso125


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      Rob Eyers

      Muy Hermosas. It seems a shame but I think the background at the top almost forces a crop to eliminate the bright distractions there. I tried it and it doesn’t look too bad with the bows chopped off a bit. Maybe darken the BG with a vignette and or some burning. Some brightening of the eyes might be OK too.

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      Agree with @reyers to some degree Lenny. The BG colours do not compete with your subject colours at all so I don’t see it as a negative. Having said that – if you want it to be a little less bright, just play with your greens’ saturation, hue & vibrance sliders. Perhaps even the purples too.

      Nice shot overall!

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      Such a refreshing shot in terms of colors! I would perhaps darken the background just a little bit.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Loving the striking colours in this image Lenny. I agree with the comments above about the background being a bit distracting 🙂

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Thanks for the input!  I’m taking a Photoshop course so I thought I would play with this even though I have long way to go to be good at it.  I made the background darker and changed it some including desaturating it and brightened the eyes.  I tried cropping it a bit on the top but to maintain the 10×7 aspect ratio the sides got crowded.

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      Lenny man nailed it with the girls,absolutely lovely!! 🙂

      Messy background just seems to take away/distraction

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