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      Show Day by Kirk on Light Stalking

      Any help on how to improve this photo.
      ISO 320 (to help keep movement in focus)

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      Fred Furze

      @lakes-photo , you need more light on the front of the horse and rider. These are the most underexposed areas of your photograph, but the ones that should be lit the best. It looks like you exposed for the bright background, which made the subject underexposed.

      If you are trying to improve this photo in editing, then you need to lighten the shadows and hopefully that will help put some light back in the shadow areas of this particular image. Otherwise, if you retake an image like this you have to reflect some light back into the front of the horse and rider, or make sure that the horse and rider have the right exposure (which may overexpose the background a little).

      ISO refers to the light sensitivity of the camera’s sensor. It has nothing to do with movement or focus

      Shutter speed has to do with movement, and your aperture (f/22, etc.) has to do with Depth of Field, which tells you how deep the area of your image that will be in focus will be. So roughly if you were standing at around 12 feet (4 meters +-) with a 35mm lens at f/16 the area in focus would be from 6.5 feet (2 meters) in front of your camera all the way to 81 feet (25 meters?) in front of your camera.

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      This one isn’t right because the jockey’s face is hidden behind the hat, exposure needs fix and the movement is not obvious. There must have been more apt moments to capture hope you haven’t missed them.

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      Show Day 1 by Kirk on Light Stalking

      I changed the exposure. What do you think now. The rider is saluting the judge that is why her head is down.

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      Right on target.

      Ignore the nonsense about the rider’s face being behind the hat.

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      That’s much better! I agree re the rubbish about the riders head being down-what u have shot works well. I know we are supposed to focus on negatives but u have done a goof job in pp correcting the exposure of the rider-how did u do this, in LR or photoshop?

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      Neither, I use Nikon Capture NX2

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      I find the flower box behind the horse distracting, a narrower depth of field would have been better. I think a darkening vignette would draw you to the subject more.

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      I think it looks better now you have fixed the exposure on the horse and rider but maybe darkening the background back down may put more attention on the rider or as said above something about the flower box getting less attention. I think it’s interesting that the riders head is down and obviously ppl in the industry would understand the saluting the judge part, but even without that knowledge I like that it adds mystery to who the rider is.

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      Paul Shenenberger

      Post Processing
      The second is a significant great improvement without adding any noise.

      However I think the background is still to bright and distracting. I might lower the highlights so you get more blue in the sky and more definition in the clouds.

      Try a little more depth of field, lower the f stop increase the zoom. I think the subject would benefit from better separation of the foreground and background. I think the hat down adds a sense of mystery to the picture, which is what is interesting about the photo.

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