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      A guy that works for me is a silver smith in his spare time. He asked me to do some images of his work showcasing a silver coin and what he can turn it into.

      ‘He wanted images on black backgrounds.



      olympus OM-D EM1ii with 60mm macro lens

      15 seconds @F22

      iso; 200

      Natural light from a window to camera left.


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      Looks good to me my man. If the guy is not pleased you can always fire him and watch as the bank repossesses his house and his kids grew thin on welfare leading eventually to his wife leaving him and him sinking even lower and taking to the road as a hobo!

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      Hi David, that’s a great shot! The only thing I would change is to add a bit more space on the left side and on the top 🙂

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      Maureen Photograph

      Hi David, I’d try to even out the lighting on the coins a bit.  The one on the far right especially is darker, both the coin and its reflection.  Also, I’m not much of a macro photographer, but I notice that the reflection of the large coin is not straight (the vertical line is slanted) whereas on the original it’s straight.  Also in the reflection, some of the coins overlap, and they don’t in the originals.  Finally, the original coin on the far right isn’t as flat to the camera as the one next to it.  Nitpicky, but I guess that’s what macro is.

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      Kent DuFault

      Technically very good with the focus placement. The lighting is good on the upright coin, but not so good on the ring and the two cufflinks?. The color balance, at least on my monitor, is decidedly blue/cyan. I used to have a studio mate who specialized in tabletop jewelry photography. Through him, I am well aware of the difficulties involved with this type of photography. Lighting something so reflective and so small is tough. If this were my assignment… I would have photographed each piece separately and then assemble them into a group in Photoshop. That would help with the lighting.

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      Robert Apple

      A while back I was doing some experimenting with using polarized light for macro photography and did some posts here, influencing the direction I went was based on info Paul Shared from a guy who specialized in coin photography. It was in the thread

      Lighting Advice , Suggetsions

      And the link was.

      And this was where I went with all the gathered knowledge.

      Liner Lighting through Polarization for Macro Photography

      It really does change the game with reflective objects.

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        Robert: thank you for sharing this link. found it to be interesting reading and have saved it for if i should ever head down this road.

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        Thanks for taking the time to add these links Robert. I have already ordered some bits and pieces!

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      I like what you’ve done David, I particularly like macro on black perspex, with the reflections. However, it makes for an ‘arty’ shot, is this what your friend wants, or would a ‘product’ shot on black, without the reflection be more what he wanted?

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      David, i too wondered about the reflections as Tersha had. beautiful sharp photo. i hope your guy liked it.

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      Thanks everyone – i will putting the advice into practice when he brings me the next series.

      For this one he wanted the reflections as it will be the header on his product page. We have others planned.

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