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    Just wanted to share my first shots from a short testing session.

    I collaged them rather than single photos , these are not the sharpest and that was my fault if truth be known i was too excited to notice at the time 🙂 after reading and some research i will be back to try again , the results are different every time and i love that.

    10 mins to watch a video on how to do these

    20 mins to collect and setup the water dropper

    20 mins taking photos

    At least half hour to tidy up lol  … Well and truly worth it , GIVE IT A TRY.


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    I was impressed with your Weekend Challenge shot P71 and I think you’re on to something.  I especially like the collage presentation you chose to show your work here.  It has a nice Pop Art feel and accentuates uniqueness of each drop.  Keep this up!

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    Thank you Preston i appreciate your encouraging words.

    At the moment and as someone new to the craft of picture taking i am really just trying to get a good understanding on various settings for different subjects.

    I never knew what i was missing and i wish i had of taken photography up years ago.

    Best wishes mate and thanks again.

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      Lynne Guenther

      I really enjoy watching you play and experiment! You do all the things I tell myself I’ll try and never do, lol. I like the presentation as well. You’re very creative and well on your way!

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    Very nice! If you can get the drop rate. Between 10 & 12 drops per second you may be able to catch collisions with the worthington jets as well.

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    Hi guys , thanks very much for each of  your comments and glad you liked them.

    Many thanks David on the rates you suggested above , i have seen a commercial Dropper i am going to pick up soon because i think i would get long time enjoyment with one , the creative options in PP appeal to me a lot.

    Cheers all i do appreciate your time and feedback.

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      It can become an obsession! Do you mind if I ask which commercial kit you are considering?

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    Kent DuFault

    Very nice! On a first try for sure!

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Really like them a lot. I like the ring of colours in the first image 🙂

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    Tom M

    David Chesterfield is the master on this subject in our group here. Check out his work on this- you’ll be amazed and inspired…


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    Wow , thanking you all for such kind words , to receive feedback from photographers i respect and look up too this means a whole lot to me , cheers each ;).

    David i sent you  quick message mate with info , was unsure what i can / should post concerning links to off site stuff.

    Best wishes


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    P71 so nice to see your Splash Art … great captures! I too started doing Water Drop Photography after seeing David Chesterfield’s images here on LS ? … He is a master at his craft and was willing to share his knowledge for which I will Always be grateful! I had not seen your image in the weekend challenge until I saw the comment above, I guess we were thinking alike as I put one of my WaterDrops up too … Look forward to seeing more of your Splash Art … it is very addicting…. have fun

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    Thank you very much Frogdaily , i seen your post and was further inspired to work at this process REALLY NICE photo and thanks for posting it , with so many options for colour and it feels limitless by making small adjustments here and there only adds to the creative freedom.

    Davids work and tutorial link above and all the kind words currently has me setting my play area up for later tonight .. preparing early lol , going to try some macro bubbles from various liquids found around the house and playing with the light to see what i can capture.

    Thanks again everyone take it easy for now ;).




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      Sounds like it is going to be a fun night tonight … I don’t think you are going to get any sleep lol … look forward to seeing your images

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