Steampunk vehicle powered by a Steampunker

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      Taken very recently at a New Zealand Steampunk Festival (where they are aiming for the most participants using Guinness Book of Records rules). Settings were f9; 17mms; ISO160; 1/25sec


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      Erik Fransman

      Hi Jim, 1/25s is showing. Everything is blurry and at least the hero of the shot should be in focus without motion blur. Why not f/5.6, ISO640; 1/250sec (You probably need an even faster SS)

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      Hi Jim, that’s an interesting vehicle indeed. I would have shot it from a different angle though – probably from the side or from the front, I think it would be more effective.

      I also agree with Erik’s comment on the settings.


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      Many thanks, Erik and Jasenka for your comments. Although I like it, it was only a grab shot, many people in the parade were walking so I had aperture priority. He went by so fast I was not quick enough to react.

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      Federico Alegria

      There is nothing else to add from my side, but a small crop like this one:

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