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    a quick trip out to the old port last monday.  glad i had my waders with me this trip, it was high tide and muddy.

    my gf 100-200mm came in today.  but i won’t get to play with it this weekend.  our special events season officially starts at work this weekend so it’s all hands on deck.  maybe next weekend, if not it’ll be vacation in june.

    fuji gfx 50r & 32-64mm @ 32mm

    30s, f/11, iso 400

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    Robert Apple

    Cool Beth, you really should go back there with some SS Minnow decals.

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    Love that foreground. I would be going back just for that.

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    John Thompson

    Wow Beth very nice.  I love the SS Minnow comment Robert.

    Why does my comment show the same as Rob Wood @admin?

    Now it is fine since I added the second sentence.

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    It’s a buggy forum, but it’s ours and we love it. 😉

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Love this image, especially  the moody feel Beth 🙂

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    Anne Hornsby

    Agree with Rob, love the foreground, Beth, with the misty water and interesting reeds.  Although I also love images of boats that are ‘no longer seaworthy.’  I think I’ll start of throwdown on that topic!

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    Bruce Gordon

    Very nice Beth! I love the mood you have created.

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    thanks everyone.

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    Sarthak Choudhary

    Superb shot.

    To my eyes this pastel kind of images look way better than images with vivid colours. I really like the way water & sky meet together near the horizon and how their unique colours help me separate them from each other. Gives the whole image a unique feel. The part where water meets grass also looks very cool. I would like to think this colour scheme fits right with the subject of the image- a sunken boat.

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      thanks sarthak.  it’s a matte edit with blues added to the midtones.  initially i didn’t have the blues added in, but it was a very grey day and the boat blended in with the water and sky.  the blues helped me separate the boat and make it pop out.

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