Sunrise at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

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    70mm (70-200 2.8) .4sec f16 ISO 200

    TRNP North Unit

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    I like it Tim. But there is one area that seems to confuse my eyes.

    Using the rule of thirds, it’s in the location of the upper LH intersection. It almost looks like it’s been ‘color burned’ as there seems to be an ‘orangish’ area covering the trees and bottom of the cliff that seems out of place with the rest of the image.

    If there was a fire there, this would almost seem natural, but as it is now, and for my eyes, it seems out of place.

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    I used a warming filter on the sky I wonder if my mouse didn’t reach down and hit that area without me noticing it. I will go back and remove it see what it looks like

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    Rob Eyers

    I see what Paul is talking about Tim but I read it a little differently.

    For me the foreground seems too cool for the sky and the colour of the distant trees etc. The brighter warmer spot that Paul is referring to seems like late day sunlight streaming in. A little dodging would bring that out. If this were mine I think I’d try a warming filter with a luminosity mask to confine the warmth to the brighter portions of the foreground. Overall it feels a little flat too, so I think I’d add some sharpening and contrast to the closer portions of the scene to take it up a notch. The sharpening would add some more depth.

    It’s a beautiful scene and well worth some finishing touches IMHO.

    Easier to show than explain but your preferences are set to NO for others to edit your images.

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    Thanks Rob I looked at the spot Paul was talking about and it wasn’t my filter it is indeed the sun coming up. I have to change that preference i keep meaning to do that. I don’t use the luminosity masks very often. Do you know of a good you tube site that has a good direction to go. I have used them before just not often enough to get comfortable with them.

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    Rob Eyers

    Check out Tony Kuyper’s and Sean Bagshaw’s YouTube videos. Tony has a great actions panel that’s worth every penny and Sean’s instructional videos are very detailed and well constructed. You can generate the luminosity masks yourself but the panel makes it fast and easy leaving you to concentrate on what it is you want to do with your image. If you like their YouTube videos you can find their products on this page.

    Since you intend to change your preferences I’ll take a chance and post this quick edit…hope that’s OK

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      nice thanks for the info I have used them but and have seen Jimmy Micnytyre’s videos.
      But I will check out the links you sent me. And thanks also for the edit.

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    Tom M

    Nice edit Rob. I thought the original was a little flat, and your edit is an improvement…

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