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    Lenny Wollitz

    There are small mom and pop convenience stores in almost every block here but they are disappearing as more big corporate stores open.  Abarrotes = groceries.  1/160, f4.5, iso 100

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    Erik Fransman

    I see no image Lenny….

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    They are disappearing very fast indeed, Lenny!  Even the store that you want to show us has disappeared 

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    Lenny Wollitz

    Just seeing if you were paying attention “-)  I wasn’t.

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      Graham Hart

      Love the light and the colour in this Lenny. They sure like their colours in your part of the world and good on them too! Something we seem to have lost in my part of the world where everything is a pale and muted shade of some odd new colour I can’t even name.

      Its a great ‘end-of-day’ musing pose and the shadow on the wall helps to enforce this motif. I’m reminded of Charmaine’s little monkey shot in a similar pose. Put a bottle of beer on the step next to him, over print the words “The perfect way to end the day” and there’s your product shot!

      The ‘Ale Vic’ sign fascinates me too because we have ‘Vic Ale’ or as it’s better know ‘Victoria Bitter’ here in Oz.

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    Robert Apple

    Got no suggestions for improvement, like the shadow play.

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    Federico Alegria

    Wow Lenny, this is quite an amazing shot! This is a light I really like to pursue, and it is quite hard to achieve. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

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    Petr Nowak

    The man and flag on the left take attention. However letters in the middle takes attention too, maybe too much ?
    Great colors and light.

    What about the man and his shadow only?

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    Lenny Wollitz

    Thanks for the comments!

    Graham, I love the colors here too!  A lot of things are done to the extreme here and most of it is very nice with the exception of my neighbors music at 3 a.m.

    Federico, I have been walking by and shooting this place for several years, and several hundred frames so I was bound to get something eventually.  This was a candid shot so it was total luck to have the guy sitting there.

    Petr, when I processed this I did one the way you suggested too, and I liked it.  I am mainly a street / documentary photographer and I like to show the environment so I went with this.

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