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    Funny where you end up. I was just teaching myself how to use Paul Mudditt’s Mud’s macro “Text on a Curve”. Then I was trying to think of a longish set of words and I first thought of the national anthem (for some peculiar reason), but then thought of a song. This is what I ended up with. I kept adjusting the text size to that the words fitted quite nicely around the shape (for some reason I picked what was initially a doughnut. The pics I got off the web. Put on a not-so-subtle vignette as with something like this I think you can get away with it. The inner font is Bickham Script Pro, which comes with Affinity Photo. I was originally going to curve the text also around the centre, but for some reason I could not get it to work.

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    Bruce Gordon

    Classic! Nice image, too!

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    nice work.  it’ll work on the inside too, you just have to use the line at the beginning of the text to flip the text to the inside or outside.  it’ll do some really weird things to you until you figure it out.

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    Thanks, beth, when you say “flip the text” does that mean flipping the layer only, the text …………or,  ??

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      the text will move from one side of the circle (inside of the red or outside of the red so it has a cyan background).  and on occasion it’ll flip it upside down depending on how you move the mouse.  it will do the same on the path where you have your text now.

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    Gerald Murphy

    I like the idea and I like the way it’s been done. Great use of colour and a lovely tribute to the late, great Buddy Holly.

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    Robert Apple

    Thanks alot Jim, now that song is stuck in my head.

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