The Green Machine

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      Lenny Wollitz

      This guy likes green. 1/640, f5.9, 28mm, iso100

      The Green Machine

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      Can you ask this guy where he bought that bike but I want one in a bright color.

      Well spotted nicely taken shot with bags of interest for obvious reasons and a winner cos it makes ya smiles. ST eludes me as there is nothing I would want changed or different. Well done mate.

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      Hi Lenny: first i have a question, did you put the color in? if this is his paint job i would probably fix it for him and finish painting the pipes and tire whitewall and then clean the paint off the bottom of the horns.  just to make it cleaner although the missing and messy paint does add humor. no matter what, this is a good capture, makes me smile.

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      Graham Hart

      Another right place right time pic. Who needs a hi-viz vest?

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      Richard Barnard

      Interesting choice to submit for critique as it is a faithful record / documentation of the bike, the shot that most people would have taken, but appears to show little in the way of creative interpretation. Maybe that was your intent in which case any deeper critique is probably unwarranted.

      In terms of composition I wonder why you chose to include the man in the background who appears to add nothing to the story and becomes a distraction.

      Overall the bike elicits some mild amusement but in the absence of a wider context / story / unique interpretation I’m afraid my interest is short-lived.

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Billy, thanks for your rule breaking comments!

      Dorothy, I try to avoid using Photoshop whenever possible and wouldn’t even know how to add color or want to learn.  However, I did remove 2 people and part of a motor cycle.  If I were to clean it up any more it would not be Mexico!

      Graham, this guy is quite a character and thanks for you comment.

      Richard, I am a street photographer.  This it is meant as a documentary photo with no attempt to be artsy.  We have a huge event here in Mazatlan every year called Moto Week. Over 20,000 bikes from all over Mexico.  This photo will be used to promote the event, especially a 2-3 hour huge parade.  We hope the over the top color will attract visitors.  I submitted it here just to make sure that I didn’t miss something stupid/obvious when I processed it.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Hi Lenny, I really like this image and I think having the second person does give a feel of the place. In terms of critiques, I cannot see anything that needs improvement other than the slight shadow on the right edge that seems to be a mild distraction.

      Also not sure if a slight decrease in exposure would make the image look better. Not sure what you think 🙂

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      Great image Lenny!

      But seeing as this is the ST…

      I would be tempted to reduce highlights of the brighter green areas where they appear to be blown out.

      Use the Adjustment brush in LR and open the ‘Color’ box by clicking on it. Drag the eye dropper onto the image and select a darker green area for you color. Then set the ‘Flow’ to 10-20 percent and have the Auto Mask – ‘checked’. This keeps the brush from adding the colors that are outside of the circle where the ‘+’ is.  Then gradually build up the green to where the highlights have been reduced.

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      Tom M

      I too agree that the onlooker adds to the photo. It adds to the disbelief or confusion of the guy on the bike. I think I would just mellow out the saturation of the greens just a tad…


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      Lenny Wollitz

      Believe it or not, I have already desaturated the green.  Paul thanks for the instructions and I will give it a go.  Dahlia, good eye to notice the shadow on the edge, thanks.

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