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    D810 85mm ISO 100, f4.5, 1/160

    Hit me.


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    Erik Fransman

    Rob, I really like the uneven distance of the poles/bars of the bridge (or whatever is in the BG) corresponding to the uneven space between Charlie’s teeth!

    I also like the softness. If it were mine I would add a touch of sharpness to the eyes and possibly the teeth.

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    OK Rob cropped as our mate Charlie seemed lost in that maze of metal and this is a personal thing but I cant stand blurred objects in the foreground. Sharpened slightly got rid of bright object behind him and a couple of Nik Filters at low opacity to brighten him slightly. Oh then cut back the green shade cos it was fighting this young man for attention. So maybe its not the green portrait now?

    Apart from above did not do much lol. Photogenic kid and nice shot to work on.

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    Rob Eyers

    I like the colouring in this Rob. For me there are numerous distractions around the image. The background in the upper right corner for instance. Maybe tighten up the crop until it’s removed? Should be able to do that without losing the framing of the blurred tubes in the foreground. There’s a blue object just above his head that could be removed. Directly in front of him there are two very bright specular highlights that are driving me nuts too. There are more but enough  said, I’ve made my point except to say that I think this one is a keeper and deserves a little TLC to make it a family keepsake. Cheers

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    Anne Hornsby

    Rob, I like the green as a frame, and the hues of the shrubbery in the background complement his hair color.    I rotated to straighten the left column, and then cropped some to get rid of the upper right hand corner tip and some of the bokeh fuzz at the bottom to balance.   Agree with Erik re deleting the blue object.

    What a beautiful boy!

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    Maureen Photograph

    I like this portrait very much!  I like the color harmony of the turquoise-green of the metal and his shirt and his casually messy hair and expression.  I like Anne’s crop but would maybe crop a little more on the left and top.  Also, burn the curved, blurred metal pole in the front that runs from the left edge to the bottom (burn the light part of it).  Finally, I’d suggest sharpening the eyes a bit using the Sharpen tool in PS.

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    Dammit I love this place. I thought, hmm, this one will be a tough one for the Sharks, but no – I get a heap of stuff to think about. Actual good quality ideas.

    Well done again, Sharks. As usual.

    No other place on the Internet does this.

    Thank you!

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    Graham Hart

    I like the crop as is Rob. It has a more ‘randomly captured’ feel to it. The tighter crops suggested lend more of a ‘posed’ feel to it for mine. Yes there are some distractions but as they are mainly at the edges, rather than crop them out I thought maybe a vignette and a matte treatment to lessen their impact?

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    Bruce Gordon


    For me, much changing of the crop would take away the sense of place and emotion from the image. So, I suggest just darkening the distractions in the background somewhat, (perhaps a bit less dark than Graham’s image) and lighten his eyes, which would add power to the young man’s face.

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    Going with the title regarding ‘portrait’, I find there is too much distraction around Charlie that distracts my eyes from the subject.

    I really like billyspad crop with Anne’s color choice.

    As for the ST, a couple of minor points , I would be tempted to ‘add light’ to the white portion of his eyes with a little bit more to his left eye (camera right). But one has to be careful to not add too much (a little goes a long way).

    And lastly, I would be tempted to edit it in PS to add ‘some’ sharpness to Charlies face. When looking at the image in a large format, the ‘hairs’ at the back of his head appear to be more in focus than his face.

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