The Red Chair

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    Rob Eyers

    In Canada the National Parks people have placed red Muskoka arm chairs in various unusual places in the parks for several years. There’s always a good view from where they’re placed.

    This chair is a lot bigger and placed by the roadside in south east Iceland. You could say it has a view…


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    Dave Watkins

    Great shot Rob. Not only aesthetically pleasing but just plain fun to look at. A series of “Canadian National Park Red Chair” images taken at their different locations could be a fun project to put together.

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      Rob Eyers

      Thanks Dave. I do have a number of Canadian Red Chair photos of ones I’ve stumbled upon. It would be a good project although expensive and time consuming.

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    we rode by this a few times and had a good laugh.  was it bolted to the rock?

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    Rob Eyers

    Yes it was bolted to the rock. I’m sure someone would take it if it wasn’t. We all most drove by but decided it would be a fun image. I mean…why not?

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Love this image Rob. The red colour really stands out and can imagine the amazing view 🙂

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    Cool shot Rob, the chairs are a great idea, and the view looks beautiful!

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    John Thompson

    This is a fun shot Rob.  I agree the chairs are a great idea.

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    Gerald Murphy

    I think it’s a really nice photo. The use of the red chair to draw the eye, the direction of the sitter’s face to lead the eye, the unusual use of a chair at all, using the cloud as a frame,the drama of the mountainscape itself, everything nice and sharp. I love it.

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    What a lovely view! I’d be really happy to sit in that chair.

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