The Valley

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      Ninan John



      Shutter Speed: 1/320s

      FStop: f/8.0

      ISO: 100

      Focal Length: 29mm

      Lens Details:  EF-S18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM, Canon EF-S18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM


      Should I crop the bottom more. I dont like the bottom green tent building. But If I crop more, then the curving road looks too congested for lack of space. Thoughts..??


      Plus any other feedback?

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      This is a very nice shot.

      There’s a green roof dead center on the bottom border that I would clip by bringing the crop in from the bottom ever so slightly. That will also put the right hand hill crest on the 1/3 line. I tried bringing the crop in from the right to put the notch on the horizon at 1/3, but what you’ve got looks way better.

      If the big green bldg bothers you (I think it’s okay), add a hue/sat layer and pull green brightness down. What bothers me a little is the small, bright green roof that is the last one up the road. It’s closer to cyan than to green, but if you pull down cyans, you’re going to posterize your sky, so you have to do it locally with a mask or with an adjustment brush, or clone the goddam thing out.


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      just clone the buildings out.  esp. the one that’s right on the bottom edge.  if you crop in closer to get rid of it you’ll end up with another building on the edge.  the other option is to make them a nice red color (like the one at the far end of the valley).  everyone loves a red building.

      i really like the valley with the bright blue water.  the windy road adds in some more interest.  the scene reminds me of iceland, apart from the fact that there’s guardrail and the road seems to be in decent condition.

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      Ask yourself,  “What is the main reason for taking the image?”   Have you emphasized your goal?   For examples, are the buildings important?   Was what you liked best was the view down the Valley?  Is it vital to show the tops of the mountains along the sides? Why was the road important?  (I think it is important) Is it doing what you want it to do?

      So,  Here is a crop, down a bit from the top, in from both sides, and up from the bottom.  Next, warmed it up a bit, by adding a solid warm orange/yellow color, changing the blend mode to multiple. and reducing the opacity.   Then burned on the second green roof to tone it down, but added brightness to the far end of the valley and sky to help draw our eyes there.  Burned a bit of the foreground sides.  All subtle touches.  The crop does knock out the top of the left side mountain.


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        Ninan John

        I dont want to crop the curve of the road. Buildings I dont mind as long as its not partial. The only building in contention for me is the one in the bottom middle part.

        Are the buildings important?   – Yes. I feel it adds to the way life is lived in a valley

        Is it vital to show the tops of the mountains along the sides? – Yes. To put the valley in context
        Why was the road important?  (I think it is important) – I think so too…
        Is it doing what you want it to do? Yes.

        I have achieved what I set out to achive. The only thing distraction I feel is the building I mentioned. I can retouch it I guess. Cropping it removes a portion of the road that is curving at the bottom and then the image feels lopsided.


        I will try what beth said. i.e to clone out the building in question for me.

        Thanks for the edit, but I feel those right mountains are really needed.

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      From someone like me who has no prior connection to the scene, I like Frank’s more simple, direct version. The buildings are few enough to blend into scene but are still there, as I think they add an interesting human/nature element. Without them, it becomes a pretty picture. (Not necessarily a bad thing, but it would seem less interesting.) The buildings add a clue to the location being very harsh at least part of the year, as they appear simply constructed for sturdiness and have no decorative plant life around them. Or, perhaps, it’s above the treeline.

      I like both of these photos, but Frank’s version a bit better.

      I want to stay at the red hotel-looking thing in the distance. I’m glad it’s there.

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      The main reason I would probably still go with Franks version is that the original draws my eye straight to those buildings in the bottom right.

      One other option might be just to dampen the clarity, colour and brightness of that..

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