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      Philip Watts

      So, totally different from my last posting (The Jailer). This picture has had very little processing, but I hope that it still make the viewer think.

      The Worshipper

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      Tough one cos I like it a lot. I think the verticals are very slightly converging (lens correction?).

      Other than that, I might dull the greens and the oranges, but that would be a personal taste thing.

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      I pretty much agree with Rob when it comes to making the greens and the oranges a bit more dull. I think the overall atmosphere would benefit from that change.

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      Dahlia Ambrose

      Hi Philip, I like the image a lot. The composition, the mood and the story are great. Since the green is a bit brighter taking away some attention, wondering if it would look better in black and white 🙂

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      John Thompson

      Is it just me or is this image slightly tilted to the left?


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      Kent DuFault

      I like this image a lot, Phillip. I’m going to give you something to think about regarding your presentation. I’m going to disagree with the previous comments regarding the color saturation. Usually, I do not like photographs that have oversaturated colors, but in this case, I think it works. In my mind, this shot is quite ethereal. It isn’t ‘meant to be realistic.’ It’s fascinating to me that the woman presents ‘realistically,’ while her surroundings are not. There is a mystical quality to it that is further enhanced by the fact that the surroundings appear to be a church. The bright glowing orange lights pull the eyes right done the tube into the doorway. It’s almost as if God were saying, “I left the light on for you. Come on in!” The concepts of church and religion have fallen out of favor in recent history. So, it further adds to the story that she is older and alone.

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      Philip Watts

      Hi Kent,

      I am so pleased with your comments as that ethereal, mystic feeling is what I was after!

      The other comments are very useful. I missed the left hand slant and agree that the green is too bright, but I like the orange!

      Thanks to everyone.

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      Erik Fransman

      “but I hope that it still make the viewer think.”

      I do like the orange light too. It pulls you (and her) in.
      Kent writes, as if the light was left on for her.
      Indeed. And it looks like she is going in hoping for a miracle.

      Since it is ST: Level it. Possibly slight crop from the bottom and dodge the door on the right and some minor tweaks. See below:

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