Thermal haze

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    Took this image at Orakei Korako, a unique thermal area near Taupo in New Zealand.

    Settings were f9;  1/1250sec;  ISO100;  52 mms (78mms equiv) on a Sigma 17-70 lens 2.8 – 4.0.

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    Hi Mistyisle:  First, this is just a suggestion.  i see the family as the subject (along with  the thermal haze) especially the child.  It seems the other people help enforce the haze but their color draws attention from the family.  Perhaps just color on the child?  Have included:  thermal haze child

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    Dahlia Ambrose

    Hi Jim, I really like the mood in the image and the people arranged in layers. Just curious, why are the two people in the middle blurred while the people on either side in focus? Was that intentional ? If yes, I think leaving them as they were in the original would look good.

    I think the almost silhouette feel works here for the image. The focus seems to be slightly off from the people on the right. I also think, a wider shot would have worked better so you get the feel of the entire place. Would be nice to see that if the image was cropped. Not sure what you think 🙂

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    Mistyisle you know this was a hot spring or whatever its called but to the viewer it could be people fleeing from the fire at Notre Dame or just a  regular smoggy day in Shanghai. Some context to show what it is and what its about would be good. Otherwise we are left viewing six people in fog/smoke/steam and no idea what its about.

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    I feel that this image would look better in b&w (no selective coloring).

    Also, there is some sort of artifact in the lower left corner of the image, looks like a semi-transparent rectangle, it would be good to remove it.

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    Kent DuFault

    I agree with Dorothy’s input and suggestions.

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    Graham Hart

    I like it Jim. Has a Twilight Zone feel to it. The people look like they’re heading toward the ramp into an alien ship. I also like the three separate groups in various states of focus but as Dahlia points out, the centre group is in more focus than the more distant group so not sure if they are just in a more dense patch of mist but the image doesn’t seem to support this?

    I don’t mind the bit of colour mixed in. The slow fade of colour into the distance is a good metaphor for the ‘unknown’ they’re walking into.

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    Hi Mistyman…..yeah works for me…………………….bit of mystery plus the photographers vision…. ! 🙂

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    Nice one, Jim. I agree that going straight BW would make it even better. I think the lack of context adds to the feeling of mystery.

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    Lenny Wollitz

    After seeing your shot I will be anticipating the next foggy day here so I can be a copy cat.  I think the faint color is a bit of a distraction so I gave BW a look. I really like the 3 distinct groups disappearing into the mist.!

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    Many thanks for all the useful feedback, comments and suggestions, folks!

    I took this last Sunday (it is currently the following Sunday, here in New Zealand).  That same evening I did a bit of processing in my beloved Affinity Photo.  However, I was doing it on my laptop in a not very good lighting.  I cropped but not on the right, where I actually extended a bit by adding to the canvas, then stretching the immediate area.  The couple in the middle stood out too much and I added some gaussian blur to them, so that the trio on the right stood out more comparatively.  I absolutely did not do any selective colouring, it is exactly as it was.  I tend to like the little patches of colour, especially as they tend to highlight a bit more the light showing on the caps of the trio (however, I will do a B&W to see how it compares).  I can see lots of faults in the bit of processing I did, now that I see on my desktop!

    When I get the chance I intend to re-process, particularly the couple in the middle, but next time not using a gaussian blur.  To date, I have not done any sharpening of this image, but will now attempt selective sharpening of the trio.  The whole image is so very different from anything I have produced before, which gives me great pleasure.

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    Faan Behrens

    There seems to be a well defined square around the middle group of people.?Margins of the mask.

    I also think that a mono conversion would enhance the mood of the Photo.

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    Erik Fransman

    Jim, I like it. I do not need more context than your title. It is very clear to me. And sometimes, it is not so necessary to absolutely know exactly what you are seeing.
    Makes it multi-interpretable which is fine.
    I sometimes have the feeling that in the ST, the comments are based on “rules” that people have learned and HAVE TO BE applied. Not for me, know the rules and then chuck them.
    To only leave the child colored is a good suggestion.

    I am not so sure about the crop. Possibly it would work better if you expand the canvas about 33% above the people.

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    Robert Apple

    Hmm I got nothing as far as improving the photo goes, like it as it is.  As for comments about context I will say this.

    Years ago I remember a musician wrote on a CD cover explaining why he personally never put the lyrics out for his songs. He said that years ago he heard this song about Suzy on a Sky blue morning and it brought back memories of a first love named Suzy and how they often hung out in the woods playing by the creek and watching the clouds roll by, and he adored her, and he loved that song for that reason. One day he read the lyrics and it was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and it destroyed the song for him.  That stuck with him and when he found fame He decided if his songs meant somthing special to some body it didnt matter weather or not they got the lyrics right, only the feeling it envoked.

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    Well, have taken all the comments on board, I think.  So, here are two versions I have come up with after fixing the common things.  As I have just finished, am still cogitating, wondering which I like the best.  Only one incorporates Erik’s suggestion of greater headspace.   What do you think please?


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      Hi Mistyisle: i like both of these. prefer the bit of color. i do like more head room but it needs a little work, when i look at the big picture it looks like they are walking up to a waterfall, the mist along the ground is horizontal and the mist stretching the space is vertical.

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    Anne Hornsby

    Great discussion.   Jim, I prefer to 2nd to the 1st, due to more space with swirling fog above all of their heads.  Adds to the sense of mystery.  And I think it’s a key improvement, per suggestions above, that you made the 2 central figures more blurry, in a progression of fade toward the left of the image.

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    Gary Zerbst

    The photo puts me in mind of a weekly  TV program from America in the  50’s called “The Twilight  Zone”  hosted  by Rod Sterling.  Anyone else remember this program.  What a wealth of memories this visual  association  brings me.

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      Yep, i can still hear the do-do-do-do music.

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    Petr Nowak

    Great shot! I love the perspective (both: change of size and change of brightness of figures). I wonder if it looks better flipped left right so the perpective goes from the left to the right.

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    Hi Petr, I have tried the horizontal flip and it seems to work very well.  Many thanks for a VG suggestion!

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