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      Ok, so, since I’m on here, I’ll throw this one in the mix. A still life I’ve been messing with for a couple weeks. I think this version is the one I’ve settled on. Exif, 55mm, 1/200sec, ISO100, f13, Flash-camera left, Reflector-camera right. Pentax K1.

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      Rob Eyers

      I don’t recognize the headstock Craig. What make is it? Maybe I’m nuts but I’m used to seeing the high E on the bottom…hmm. I like the lighting and colour.

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      Thanks Rob. It’s an old Alvarez model 5009. It is strung for right hand, nylon strings. High E is on the bottom. 😀

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      Mesmerising Craig!

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        Thank you Mistyisle 😉

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      Really like this one…

      I might be tempted to clone out the – the very end of the one string (that has a spiral in it).

      Then make the decision to leave it in, or out. Depending how it appeals to my eye.

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        Thank you bucweeet 😉 I actually thought about taking it out, then decided I liked it. I did remove a couple from under the head.

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      Graham Hart

      Great light and mood Craig. I have tried to take pics of my two guitars but failed to produce anything worthwhile so far. I think you found the way with your focus on light and detail. Love it.

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      It’s nice but it feels out of balance. I think more black space above and more light on the terminal end (right) of the piece would give the composition better balance overall.

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