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      Lenny Wollitz

      I used a snooted flash on the center of the umbrella from behind for a hairlight. What do you think? Flash in softbox camera left, reflector for fill camera right.

      umbrella hair light by Lenny W on Light Stalking

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      The picture looks underexposed – especially part of her left eye in shadow doesn’t look pleasing. I don’t see light behind her hair.

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      Lenny Wollitz

      The light is lighting the umbrella from behind not the hair. The umbrella was about as dark all over as the upper left part of this photo with out the flash from behind. I think it needs to be a bit stronger but I like the way it kinda makes the umbrella glow. This is bigger but not brighter

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      mike PENRITH

      Agree what has been said so far. Eyes are the window to the soul, the brolly and frock outgun her face I’m afraid.

      Close your eyes, then open them quickly and what do you see?

      Like the set=up, but needs a little remedial work in the lighting.

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      P Marione

      either you must put the reflector on the right closer or use another flash. Your shadows are overcast and your shot is underexposed.

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