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    The thing that I do best, so far, is Event Photography- both outdoor and indoor.  I have been researching what lens I should buy to further this.  Each article I read on the web, seems mostly to highlight the Sigma 24-70 2.8 VR lens.  I currently, however, have the Sigma 17-70 2.8-4.0 lens.  Was thinking that I may be best to next buy the Sigma with 2.8 throughout.  However,  a website did a comparison of the two lens and my existing lens is preferred between these two.


    Does not make a huge amount of sense to me, even though it seems that with my limited knowledge I have made at least one good choice.

    I do want to improve my photography and am prepared to spend a bit.  Where do I go next?

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    Sounds like a bad case of GAS. Gear Acquisition Syndrome. When you own decent gear to start with more gear rarely improves the snapper mate. Taking more snaps and more snaps and listening to critique and opinion is what makes one better. I am too old and set in my ways to listen much and know damn well a new lens would make no difference to my limited ability. Sorta think good photography needs a certain kind of artistic eye and if God did not give you that no amount of gear will compensate. If you really have spare cash burning a hole in your pocket send it here. I will invest it wisely in fast cars, young female flesh and just fritter the rest away.

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      How’s that last bit working out for you, Billyspad? 😉

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        Frittering is easy but the body is having trouble keeping up with the young female flesh! Practice makes perfect I’m told so as soon as Misyisles cash arrives it will be full steam ahead for ol’ Billy

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    Hello Mistyisle, I’ve read the comparison and even though I’m not an expert, it seems to me that these two lenses are kinda similar, I probably wouldn’t buy both of them.

    Maybe you can try one of Sigma Art lenses (such as 35mm, f/1.4):


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    have you identified a need for f/2.8 throughout the full range?  how often do you shoot at 50mm and wish you had a shallower dof or a few more stops of light?  if you don’t need it then put the money towards something you need.

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    Robert Apple

    Jasenka’s suggestion is where I would head, a prime lens over a tele.

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