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    Tom M

    A shot from our camera club’s recent scavenger hunt around our club meeting place. The subject was stairs. Comments,critique?

    The specs:0.4 sec @f/7.1, 24mm,ISO 1000.

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    Rob Eyers

    It’s kind of busy and messy for me. Maybe toy around with it a bit by cropping and distorting it. Sometimes less is more? Just another way to look at it…I have no idea what the outline for the hunt was.


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    Kent DuFault

    From a design standpoint, I like it. It is missing a subject… a stopping point.

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    Tom M

    Rob, there was no outline. Just walk around and find stairs,photograph it any way you want. This was the most interesting stairs I could find.We(the camera club), had an hour and a half to find and photograph 10 randomly chosen subjects…


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