Very hot! ¡Mucho calor!

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      Lenny Wollitz

      I’m trying to show the intense and glaring heat.  I like the Spanish translation with 2 exclamation points.  Around 90F, 32C with 90% humidity. 1/1600, f5.6, 25mm, iso100

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      Rob Eyers

      Other than a lot of discarded cups there isn’t much visually to suggest that it’s hot Lenny. If you want to show heat I somehow think that colour might be your friend. Apart from the heat issue there’s a lot of halos around the palm leaves.

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      Graham Hart

      I agree with Rob. Not sure if B&W expresses the heat that well Lenny.

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      Petr Nowak

      Hi Lenny,

      concerning showing intense heat I agree with Graham and Rob. There is no clear evidence of this.

      Concerning composition and B&W conversion I like it. The glare at the top confused me first. I though it’s sun and I wondered why it is double exposed.
      I’d maybe cut a little bit from bottom and leave more space at the top. But it’s only my tiny feeling…

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      Lenny man you have a plethora of exotic subjects and you take this!!

      actually don,t mind the subject but theres no detail theres no hope.

      open the shadows and a bit of cropping…….not even sure that its worth bothering with!!……………… smiley face

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      Maybe a glaring red from the blur of the sun would help show the heat and maybe a bright color wold help us see better the discarded cups.

      Una dia de sudando sin trabajar

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      Jasenka G

      I would like to see this image in color, it might be easier to suggest glaring heat with proper selection of colors.

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      Bruce Gordon


      I like what you are trying to do here. I sense the runner’s exhaustion and hopelessness, and pushing on regardless. Almost heartbreaking; all alone and in last place, as evidence by the myriad of empty cups left by all who have gone before… THAT, to me, should be the story of the image. Lighten the runner, crop down to focus my eye on the road, the cups and the sweat of the runner pouring to the ground.

      If I could have you redo one thing, I would have had you on your knees, to change the perspective of the runner; looking up to her and her effort, and the heart she is displaying with her perseverance.

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