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    Gary Zerbst

    EarlyAM on a cold blustery winter morning looking toward  the Cascade Mountains.  The photo turned out quite different than my “eyeballed version”.  It was strikingly different than any eastern sky I’d seen in  the 15 years that I’ve lived here.  The tree branches became (at f/5.6  600 mm FF equivalent) blurred out and reinforced the mystery of the photo (at least in my opinion).. I know ha tit’s not a photo that aI would hang on my way butI’m interested to see how the new polite shark tank would critique it / modify it.

    DSC00843  Unusual cloud formation beyond the mountains at dawn on a blustery cold winter morning

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    Tom M

    The clouds do look like a nuke, but the leaves and branches detract. Did you take one without those in the photo? The turbulent water helps. A little more yellow and orange color would really bring out the nuke effect…

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    Erik Fransman

    Hi Gary, for me the branches do not work. I do like the rough environment and the branches are in the way.
    I also feel that it is not pin sharp. Did you use a tripod? 1/50s with 400mm, even with a tripod is pushing it.


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    Gary Zerbst

    Tom, Erik:   I was  in the showers when  my wife called out to me that there was something worth seeing at the window.   I jumped out the shower, toweled  off enough to not drip too much, grabbed the camera and braced it against  the window sill.  I got one shot (having an imperfect photo is better than having no photo at all) then shivered my way back to the bathroom to finish drying.  Once clothed and decent I returned to finish the job but the sky had changed.  My way , I guess,  of saying I didn’t get a shot  without  the branches and I probably have camera wobble.  My tripod is sturdy enough to hold the 400 mm lens (600mm FF equiv,)  for good sharpness even at 20  full seconds  if I use a remote shutter release or a shutter delay timer but in this case, I didn’t take the time to dig it out and set it up.

    Frankly, I was hoping the tank’s response would be that the  OOF branches added to the feeling of the scene but I  feared that I was deluding myself with false hope.   I’ll try warming up the color balance a bit.

    Thanks for your honesty.

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