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      CC please …


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      This is a nice idea, and I like the composition, although you might consider going to 5×7 to lose a little of the fence from the left.

      There is a sharpening halo. You must have feathered it on the grass blades, but it’s visible on the worker, the edge of the road and the fence. One trick is to duplicate your sharpening layer, then put one in lighten mode and the other in darken, then adjust opacities and see what you can get away with. Sometimes the dark side of the acutance is enough. Actually, if you want full black, a better way is to use a mask and pull it all down.

      Your totally black shadows are an artistic choice, but imho, you might get a little more interest out of your foreground with some judicious lightening. There are leading lines in the road that surround and lead up to your wanderer. Since he is coming toward the camera, you have the option of brightening his face.

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      Rob Eyers

      Hi Lena. I like the composition and the concept. I agree with #pco about it being over sharpened causing halos.

      My only additional comment would be to add more drama to the sky.That’s a personal choice though.

      You didn’t mention your EXIF. There’s some noise in the sky and the EXIF would help in determining were it came from.

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      Hello Lena, that’s a great way to use B&W and silhouettes as well. I agree with Rob when it comes to the sky, you could try different color filters for B&W photographs (in Photoshop) in order to enhance the sky.

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      Kent DuFault

      I love the concept. From a composition point of view, I personally wouldn’t change anything. I do see the halo that was previously discussed.

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      Lenny Wollitz

      I like the shot.  I would like to see it with a 1×1 crop with the subject centered so it would be kinda symmetrical with the leading lines on each side.

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      Graham Hart

      I like the idea a lot because it tells a story. It has that sense of the freedom to wander alone which is only found in the countryside. Composition-wise, I would consider a portrait aspect because a lot of the real estate is taken up by the dark foreground which feels reduced to simply being a pedestal for the man with no detail there in the shadows. The fence is a great leading line and places most of the weight on the left of the image so a portrait may balance it out a bit? The man is the main focus so a little cropping will bring him to the fore also. Finally, a little lightening of the foreground shadows just to add some depth to his meanderings.
      I’m going to take a gamble and post an idea of what I’m talking about.
      Couldn’t look up your preferences re editing so I hope this doesn’t upset you at all.

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      Petr Nowak

      Image was posted by my colleague photographer Lena under valid registered account. However a day after posting the account dissappeared and post at the top of this thread is marked “Anonymous”. I’ve sent info to admin.

      Meanwhile a message from Lena:

      “Thanks to all for your inspirative comments.

      : no problem, I allow re-editing of my images.”

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        Dahlia Ambrose

        Hi Petr, sorry about what happened and thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have responded to your email and have also sent Lena an email now with all the information 🙂

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      Anne Hornsby

      I prefer the composition as is – “landscape” aspect ratio —  because I really like seeing the full length of the fence.   Suggest making the slight adjustment of rotating the image to straighten the left-most post to have it parallel to the edge of the image.

      Was this originally shot in color?

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      Thanks all for your comments.

      Sharpening halo is my mistake. I set wrong capture size in my camera – very low in fact. Halo is probably caused by this.

      : yes, origin image is in color.

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      Anne Hornsby

      Lena, I like the color version better.  The hues are understated and beautiful.  The blues/greys seem to show the fence and plants more sharply, and the figure is still a silhouette, underneath grey and wandering off into blue.

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