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      Be glad of any feedback you can give me. When I say inexpensive – I mean – probably not more than NZ$100 (£50). Obviously if you pay NZ$700, you should get a much better one. I have read many reviews, however, sometimes it is unclear if they fit your needs. Some cheap ones get very good reviews. I guess that I would probably buy through Amazon, but that is certainly not fixed.

      My camera is a Nikon D5200. I doubt that I will be doing macro photography, which ring flashes particularly suit. It is mentioned that some are good for portrait photography, which I hope to do more of, especially at events. If the ring flash is strong enough, then I would like to use a lot at events.

      I currently do have a speedlight (speedlite), that is a Nissin one. Most ring flashes are stand alone, but some are adaptors that use the speedlight.

      Any help, advice, suggestions, will be most welcome! I live in New Zealand, as you may know or have guessed.

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      I am delaying a decision meantime. I have discovered that my Nissan Di622 is limited to the extent to which it can accommodate externals eg it cannot support the ” Gary Fong Lightsphere or Rogue Large FlashBender.” Also, it cannot accommodate the Demb flash. Clearly I need to understand things a lot better than present. It is a journey.

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      Looking at the Di622vit should be able to accommodate the Lightsphere. Maybe look at a magmod (or the copy by Selens) they should fit it and are a great option.


      I have a Lightsphere copy that I believe will fit. Happy to send it to you to try. If it fits its yours!

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      Hi David, I did see a demo yesterday about the magmod, which takes a bit of assembling each time. Still, it looked interesting and I assumed that they would be expensive. Having a look at your link, I see that they are not expensive at all. However, there is a note at the bottom of the Aussie ad, saying not for sending to New Zealand! Nevertheless, I will probably find elsewhere. Thanks for the tip!

      Re your offer of trying on the Lightsphere copy, I would be keen to try thanks and will pm you now. Since my original post, I have learnt that these modifiers are really only for indoor use and not outdoor. Whilst my main thought originally was for outdoors, I do intend to step up my indoor attempts too! Many thanks again!

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      I purchased a RayFlash adapter in the fall. Here are a couple of links to reviews:


      Ray Flash Universal Ring Flash Adapter

      Strangely enough, I ended up using it for portraits before trying it out in macro. I was doing some outdoor shots of my kids and we had a lovely location with dappled shade (ugh!) so I used the ringflash adapter to provide some nice fill and even out the light. It worked quite well, considering I was just learning and really had little to no clue what I was doing!

      It is easy to attach and very light. The cost for me was $130 CA but I imagine it goes on sale (I was impatient and paid full price).

      I have since used it for macro and I am still getting used to the soft light it provides. I haven’t tested this yet, but was told you lose half to one full-stop of light using the modifier. For most of the situations I would use it in, this is acceptable.

      Good luck! I hope you find something that works for you.

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      Many thanks, Leanne, I will follow up on that!  🙂

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