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    I blew this one up on a 16×24 and really liked it. However on a smaller size it did not catch the eye of the viewers as much. Curious to see how this picture makes you feel at the first glance?

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    What a great place for what I call a “walk by” photo. That woman’s expression in the street art is a perfect story starter. From a Shark’s point of view, the  two white reflections are huge eye snags. I do not think they would be hard to remove. You have been meticulous in your composition. Great timing with the positions of the people. From my perspective this is a solid street photo. It could be a great street photo if you waited, what might be a long, long wait, for just the right person to come by in the direction of the face and interact with it. It would be worth the wait for me.

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    Jay Ward

    It looks like it is not quite level. Horizontal sidewalk looks right but the verticals seem to lean to the right slightly.

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    Kent DuFault

    As far as large versus small… it’s difficult to see the expressions on the three men, and that’s key to creating interest in a photograph like this, especially when you’ve composed them as the subject. If this were mine… I would have eliminated the couple to the right. I would have framed it tighter. The top of the frame would have stopped just above the words, Cameron House. Left of frame and bottom of frame would come in far enough to place the man on the right onto the crosshairs for the Rule of Thirds. Right of frame I would have cropped just inside the edge of the building or just beyond the doorway… I would make that decision when doing the cropping based upon where the man is falling on the Rule of Thirds. The reason that I say to eliminate the couple is that they draw a lot of visual weight away from your main subject, which is the three men, and they pull that visual weight to the right side of the frame where nothing of importance is really happening. As Albirder said, I would also remove those highlights.

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