What a Butterfly Thinks.

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    Dave Watkins

    “It’s better to be on top of the shoe than under it.”

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    Dahlia Ambrose


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      Dave Watkins

      I’m glad this earned a smile from you.  🙂

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    Anne Hornsby

    What a beauty, Dave.  I think the straight antennae mean it’s a moth.

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      lol – i bet he thinks like a butterfly!  love the capture Dave.

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        Dave Watkins

        Thanks Dorothy.  🙂

        I thought the caption appropriate because we had to watch our step inside the butterfly pavilion because of the butterflies hanging out on the pathways.

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      Dave Watkins

      Thanks Anne.  🙂 There are always exceptions to the rule but generally a butterfly has narrow, “club” shaped antennae and moths have a wider, feather like antennae. This is a Painted Lady butterfly currently residing in the Butterfly Pavilion at the Elkton Community Education Center in Elkton Oregon.

      We drove down yesterday for their Mother’s Day Native Plant Sale. Picked up some more butterfly friendly plants to put in our garden. We were told it’s still a little early for the Monarchs but they had received word they’ve begun to show up in northern California. We’re hoping to have some visit our garden soon.

      Oops. This somehow got out of order.

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    Lovely image and I quite like your caption 🙂

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    Dave as a butterfly has a relatively short life span they are probably hedonistic by nature and spend their time thinking about getting laid, hanging out in bars and generally making whoopee whilst they can. Nice fota.

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      Dave Watkins

      Yeah. Their life span is only two weeks. Two other fun facts about the Painted Lady butterfly. During their migration they can travel as much as 100 miles per day and reach speeds up to 30 mph. (48 kph)

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