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      i started this question over in ST but decided i probably should have posted here.

      “What is Landscape” there is a totally separate forum here for Landscape and i wondered – is it meant for just sweeping vistas or what exactly? are there certain criteria that a picture needs to be considered Landscape?

      have i missed something here that writes on this subject? i feel i must have.  I DID.

      screeechhh – that is the sound of me putting on the brakes.  i felt i had looked into this but had to go back through some files and one of the first i came across is Landscape Photography –  A Short Guide – by (none other) Kent DuFault.  (Photzy)

      so i will do some reading 🙂 but will leave this here just to share what has been on my mind.

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      Oh boy, don’t get me started.

      When you have never thought much about it, it seems obvious.

      When you write about it every week like we do, you kind of need to (if for no other reason than to avoid bitchy social media comments)

      Is it still a landscape if there is a person in the fast distance? What if that same person, in the same scene is close up to the camera (hence it’s a portrait)? Where is the line?

      What if it includes beach? When does it become a seascape?

      The question does my head in.

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      John Thompson

      I think a seascape is a subset of landscapes.  If a person is in the distance it is still a landscape but if the person is the subject of the pic then it is a portrait.  To me it is that simple but perhaps I have not looked “deep” into the meaning of a landscape.

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      Robert Apple

      It’s really not that complicated, it’s when your photo is oriented with the long side on the horizontal plane. ???

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      Robert has just given the definitive answer.

      Billy is always suspicious of questions that one should know have no answer and more importantly do not matter. What genre our intrepid snapper decides his/her effort falls into is without importance, it will be judged by whoever views it purely on content. Great candidate for the silly question forum talked about elsewhere. One where the questioner may be wise to invest in some chain mail to keep the arrows of derision at bay.

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        “Clutching Heart where Shot by Arrows”  Gee Whiz Billy, lighten up. anybody new reading this will never ask a question!  🙂  you can be downright unnerving. (obviously not to me, i know better, i put my chain mail on before i read your comments)  oh, btw, it does matter what the intrepid snapper decides, it is their’s and their opinion of their work is important.  ❤

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          Young Dorothy I am as light as a feather babes. Positively floating in fact. The dumb questions and dumber than dumb comments on fota forums amuse me greatly and make the horns appear on my head. So ask ” would you call this a portrait” or state  “makes we want to know what is behind the curtains” etc and after wiping the tears of laughter away get ready for an arrow or two lol. I would be upset if they stopped in fact as so much enjoyment can be derived from them.

          And you see you can be sensible when your feet are planted on terra firma. It is indeed ones own opinion of a piece of work that is the most important one to be considered.

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            Graham Hart

            Here we go, soapbox time again;

            Billy, I reckon one day you’ll take off the Darth Vader helmet and we’ll all see the real you hiding behind that mask of cynicism. Somewhere in there is an imagination busting to get out I’m sure (well, not that sure).

            One’s own opinion is the critical first step. Other’s opinions provide a balance to judge our own against and are equally as important if we  seek critique…..which is kinda the whole point of this place.

            Its called learning and its how we grow. Now tidy up your room and eat your veggies 🙂


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      Billy. One warning. Pull your head  and quit with the offensive responses in threads to legitimate points of discussion or I will ban you. No appeals. No email correspondence. Just gone.

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