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    Trying to get some photos of deer in the forest , the issue is the focus mode. With all the trees and branches in the way don’t seem to get crisp clear focused shots of the deer

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    Rob Eyers

    Auto focus has a hard time picking the subject you want when there are so many other things for it to choose from Dave. Most auto focus systems will look for the closest object which isn’t always where your subject is. To absolutely obtain focus on the subject of your choosing use manual focus. That’s easier if your camera has focus peaking.

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      Thanks will give it a try , will have to wear my glasses.

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    depending on your camera you may be able to change the size of your focus point.  or you can pick just a single focus point.  another trick is to focus on an area (like a tree) and wait for the deer to move into that area.

    what kind of camera gear are you working with?

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    Robert Apple

    Another trick is to find a clear focal point roughly the same distance as the deer, push button half way to focus, hold button there, go back to the deer and press fully.

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