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      Lenny Wollitz

      not sure about this one


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      Federico Alegria

      Mate, it doesn’t matter if it has some technical flaws, it is a great shot for the social value it has. Especially during these odd times we are living. And if you want to “justify” the issue, you can say that the small trembling effect resembles the almost-nearly-perfect trust the blind man has on his partner.

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      Erik Fransman

      Maybe you are not sure about this one, I am and so is Federico.

      But since it’s the ST: Yes a faster shutter speed would have made it better (or more accurate focus, can’t which tell since you left out the exif)

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      Lenny Wollitz

      Federico and Erik,  thank you so much for the comments.

      Technically it pretty much sucks but I hoped the story might be good enough to make up for it.  1/250, f6.3, 180mm, iso 640   I look at the settings and can think of a lot better set up.  I cropped out about 75% of the original file which doesn’t help.   Plus, I was sitting at cafe and had several espressos.

      I can’t get my head around someone wanting to run 26.2 miles like that.   I have shot our marathon 9 out of the last 10 years and the main thing I have learned is that its really hard especially with 10,000 people running around and getting in MY way.




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      Rob Eyers

      Great story Lenny.

      One could quibble about more space here or there or the technical stuff but in the end I’m left with friendship and incredible determination.

      OK for ST give the background runner a little elbow room. There I’m legal.


      I like that the processing isn’t too stark too. Love this one Lenny!

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      Philip Watts

      Yep, a great candip shot that really captures the essence of the people involved. Well done

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